SecretPainter Just Encrypts Your Bank Details in a Creative Way

Picasso’s style of painting is distinctive and you can tell that by simply taking a glance at his art. SecretPainter is not from Picasso since it is simply a software that do not copy Picasso but help encrypting information regarding Bank Account Details in form of image (.png) format. By the way, did Picasso encrypted messages in any of his paintings? Well many people believe so, but there is no hard evidence to prove that. Anyway, coming back to SecretPainter, as you can observe, SecretPainter painting is not just about copying the exact form of your subject, but it is about your impression of the subject after encryption. With this type of art, you will see that it will really produce an impact among the viewers since they will not be able to read your bank account details because it will appear to them as a simple .png picture and even they would not want to keep it since it’s far from Picasso’s beauty. But, only you know about that secret behind the .png picture.

SecretPainter is portable software and can be run from USB key so you will be able to encrypt/decrypt your bank account details on the road. Upon launching the application the Painter will Welcome the user with a smile and is ready to draw the secrets.

Click on Encrypt and enter data then add the password and click on Generate Image and choose a location.

Click on the image to view enlarged image

After clicking on Generate Image button, an image like below will be created. It looks like an ordinary image and hence encrypting bank details in this image is a good idea and no one will ever get a doubt that there are bank details inside this image.

The software also Decrypts images from Decrypt Option, just point to the image add password details and click Show Data, this screen also lets to edit info by checking the box Allow Me To Edit The Table Data.

Click on the image to view enlarged version

As you can see, Pablo’s paintings can be very good-looking, but SecretPainter is another type of Painter with reduced attractiveness, as the only aim is to hide Bank Details but not to be a famous painter like Picasso. If you keep your bank details in text files or word files, then SecretPainter is for you. It securely encrypts the bank details inside image and if you want to extract the details then you need to provide the password, with which you’ve encrypted the details. So, this method to hide bank details behind the picture is safe.

Download : SecretPainter

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