Sunflower Mobilesystem – A Collection of Portable Applications with Cloud Support

Portable applications comes very handy while travelling as they are very easy to carry with USB key, Memory cards etc,. If you frequently use computers outside your home or work, then having a USB key with desired portable tools is important. So, you do not need to worry if the host computer will have all the applications you need to work, since you will be assured by the support of your USB key filled with the necessary, to be efficient and no time wastage to follow. Moreover many popular softwares are already available as portable versions, so having applications on the go is easy.

Based on this, the Department of Computer Sciences, Peking University has developed a new portable system with cloud support! It is called Sunflower Mobilesystem. It is an integrated mobile virtual system with cloud support, for USB, SD cards or virtual disk. As, it is based on JAVA no special installation is needed and it can be run on any Windows, Linux or Mac.

Interface of Sunflower Mobilesystem

Interface of Sunflower Mobilesystem

The software comes in various versions, such as, Lite (Cloud, Girl, Play, Student, Engineer, IT developer, Finance, Research, TOEFL), Play, Office and Full version. After downloading your chosen version, just extract and then load it to USB key for instance.

Sunflower Mobilesystem applications are classified as follow:

  1. Accessibility: Firefox Accessibility Extension – Make Firefox more accessible etc.
  2. Development: Notepad++ Portable, Launcher – make apps portable without writing code etc.
  3. Education: Celestia Portable – portable space simulator etc.
  4. Games: Battle for Wesnoth Portable, DOSBox Portable – classic DOS games to go etc.
  5. Graphics & Pictures: Blender Portable, IrfanView Portable etc.
  6. Internet: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird, SeaMonkey Portable etc.
  7. Music & Video: Audacity Portable , VLC Media Player Portable etc.
  8. Office: Portable, Kingsoft Portable, Sumatra PDF Portable etc.
  9. Security: ClamWin Portable, Spybot – Search & Destroy Portable etc.
  10. Utilities: BleachBit Portable, IObit Uninstaller Portable (Freeware), TeamViewer Portable etc.

Visit the below webpage for more detailed list of applications.

Upon launching Sunflower you are greeted with a calendar, you can use the green forward backward icons, to scroll to other interface presenting various included applications then it is matter of a simple click to launch application.

Cloud Support :

In co-operation with Western Digital (, every Sunflower Mobilesystem user can have his own cloud account. By default, a WD 2go account information is included in the zip file of Sunflower Mobilesystem. It can be accessed from the folder Documents>>Cloud Settings>>OnlineSystem Introduction. To connect as virtual drive on the PC just click on Public or Sunflower then after finishing just click on disconnect and sign out. The default account is like, single account for every Sunflower Mobilesystem user. But, if you want to have your own personal cloud account then just email to, then they’ll send you a VIP account.

Network Drives of WD 2go

Virtual Disks of WD 2go

As you can see Sunflower Mobilesystem is unique as it provides you to access your favorite applications at anytime. Moreover with cloud integration the changes you make to your documents can be saved in the cloud, which can then be accessed from your home, work etc. All the provided softwares are free or open source, also you can add your own made portable applications. Download Sunflower Mobilesystem from the link below.

Download : Sunflower Mobilesystem

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