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Screenshot applications are important since they can help to take a picture of a process that can be send  by email to a recipient to give on expert opinion on whats is happening on the pc, for instance instead to send all the log files the important part can be send as a picture since the screenshot utility with its take a picture of the selected portion can serve that purpose.  Some softmakers includes more options such as send it directly via email or save it in a different format such as HTML format.

There are many screenshot utilities on the net that are provided as a freeware or as a shareware. Recently Abelssoft released a new free screenshot utility  namely  Schirmfoto 2011. What makes a good utility is that Schirmfoto integrates itself into the  Windows system by adding a new button in the title bar of each window. Clicking this icon will create a screenshot.

The first time that is installed on the pc, the wizard will guide you on how to use the application then a new window will come to fill it with the required info so that a serial code to be send to the chosen email . This will unlock all the features given by the softmaker. Once fully unlocked the soft can loaded with windows booting. You can use it from windows system tray or from the icon that appears in each windows application such as on IE, running applications, pdf, Microsoft word  files…

There are several way in the hand to take screenshots such as:

  1. Screenshot for the full desk
  2. Screenshot of active window
  3. Screenshot of a selected area

So now lets see how to take a picture and to customize it :- Schirmfoto integrates also on applications that are used for daily purpose, such as if you launch Iobit Advanced System care then on top right of the window you will find a small icon dedicated to take a screenshot, so once clicked on it the main window of Schirmfoto 2011 will be opened that will show the photo of Iobit Advanced System Care application.

Schirm menuThe main screen of  Schirmfoto 2011 has a nice tabbed interface which reminds Microsoft  word application that gathers all the required functions  to tweak the taken picture as one desires. For instance it can be printed, copied to the clipboard  or can be emailed as PDF, RTF, MHT,  Image (JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, GIF, WMF) or XLS (Microsofr Excel 200-2003 Workbook).  The export option includes PDF, RTF, MHT,  Image (JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, GIF, WMF), XLS (Microsoft Excel 200-2003 Workbook) and HTML. The Picture can be zoomed in or out to the desired level.  It can be orientated as a Portrait or as a Landscape geometry. The scale can be changed to fit a single page for instance. The size can be changed to A3, A4, A5, A6, B4 (JIS), Lettre (US) and Petite Lettre (US). The margin can be tweaked from narrow to normal. The page color can be chosen from the page color tab and also it can be watermarked as a text or as picture watermark.

Once the picture is tweaked then can be exported to JPEG for instance and also some options will be offered such as the tweak the dpi value to desired one, the export mode -˜single or multiple page, adding a border and changing the border width. If chosen to export as HTML then the character set can be selected as Unicode (UTF-8), Cyrillic (ISO, Windows..), Western European (ISO, Windows)..   Ive chosen to export to pdf  which can be locked with a password and also can be watermarked with image and/or signature. So here is an example below.

Schirm featFeatures of Schirmfoto 2011

  • Create screenshots within seconds
  • Save screenshots to PNG, JPG, RTF (Word) or even PDF
  • Print screenshots, email them or copy them top your clipboard
  • Include watermarks into your screenshots
  • For Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7
  • Free of charge 🙂

There more tweaking options that a user can find them while working on a screenshot with this application and some are interesting options that are bundled with this utility. So if you are looking for a fast way to take some screenshots then go ahead download Schirmfoto 2011 from the below link and submit a free serial registration request.

Download : Schirmfoto 2011

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5 Responses

  1. hellen says:

    Capture Screenshot with Schirmfoto
    Schirmfoto is a free and powerful program to capture screenshot .It provides us with customizable built-in editing features.

  2. ha14 says:

    At the moment it’s not possible to freely move the watermark but if you choose a picture as a watermark (e.g. your logo), then you can specify the horizontal and vertical location of it in the menu.

    Schirmfoto uses the default email application from Windows. In Windows Vista and Windows 7 you can click on the Start menu and then select the entry “Default Programs”. This allows you to select your favorite Email application and to set it as default for the “mailto” actions.

  3. paulcrousel says:

    How to initiate the service of send the picture via emal, I cant or I am doing it wrong from the email option tab.

    • Samuel says:

      On email tab you have two options. If you hit on upper part of the tab then you’ll be given an option to send the photo as pdf and if you click the lower arrow then you’ll be shown more options and from them you have to chose an option. In order to send emails correctly you should configure your Outlook (or any offline email client). Then only you will be able to send photos via email.

  4. azziz says:

    Thanks for the review, I installed the soft and it seems like the article, however then I find some difficulties to move the watermarks to the position I intend to, any help in this field.

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