Take Screenshots easily with Screenpresso

Screenpresso is a free screen capture tool and is bundled by some interesting  features. It can capture the entire screen, region or window with various options like “including the cursor, automated resizing of them or even applying automated effects”.

The tool sits in the system tray & allows you to keep an history of the last 100 screenshots (saved in PNG, JPG, GIF or PNG formats). The most unique option in Screenpresso is the ability to stitch together multiple screen captures. Stitching allows you to include scrolling in your screen captures.

Screenpresso features :

  • Simply capture part of the screen or a specific window with the same shortcut.
  • Drag and drop screenshots from history directly to your favorite email editor. Webmail like GMail are also taken into account
  • Crop, spotlight an area or comment parts of captured image.
  • Capture scrolling part of the screen
  • Add drop shadow, round corners and reflection and more
  • Easy share screenshots on Twitter thanks to Twitpic integration

It can auto-name the captured images or batch convert them (resizing & adding effects) after they are taken. Screenshots are given automatic file names and these can easily be renamed or deleted. The screenshots can be drag’n dropped into any application that will accept images-neat and simple. Screenpresso also has a built-in image editor that can apply image effects, insert objects (textboxes, arrows, annotations, etc.), apply resize or crop to the screenshots.

Screenpresso can be run even without installing, hence you can run it from your USB drive.

screenpresso stitchingScreenpresso has also a pro version which is not yet commercialized and to compare both free-pro version go to following link


[The free version has a mandatory Anonymous usage statistics (e.g. which features are used most often) and crash reports are sent to Screenpresso team.] Thanks to ScreenPresso for making this an optional one.

Screenpresso is a simple-yet-powerful & free screenshot tool that improves your Ctrl+Print function. Using Screenpresso you can make annotated screen captures then post them to Twitter, email them, or post them on your blog or wiki.

Download : Screenpresso

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