Unable to Uninstall Avast? Try ASWClear

Avast is certainly the best free antivirus available in the market today loaded with lots of protection layers. No doubt many people will be using it and so I. After using Avast Internet Security for a long time, I’ve decided to change Avast. The reasons are :

  • No slowness at all.
  • No threat detections, no notifications from Firewall, nothing. Everything is so silent.

I know the above reasons are dumb to dump Avast. Thanks to Avast for making such a brilliant product. The main reason for my shift is that I’m just bored.

So, I started uninstalling Avast. I used the usual method of uninstalling, i.e. via Control Panel. But, everytime it gets stuck when it comes to uninstallation of its virtualization feature.

I don’t know why. I tried 5 times, with no progress at all. So, I did a quick search and came across their official uninstallation utility called ASWClear. In order to uninstall with ASWClear you need to boot into safe mode and then run this small utility. It then removes the avast product which is installed on your PC.

Surprisingly, before running this utility, I tried the normal uninstallation procedure via Control Panel in Safe Mode and the uninstallation was successful. So, if you are facing problems in uninstalling Avast in normal mode, then try uninstalling via Safe Mode. Even if that didn’t fix the issue, then go for ASWClear.

Download : ASWClear.

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