View And Extract Thumbnails Easily With Thumbico

On some occasions we would like to have a better look of thumbnail picture or extract the thumbnail picture from various sources such as from files (.exe), desktop icons, video files, but do not wish to install a new software or change windows settings. Here is where Thumbico comes in to play a certain role.

Thumbico is a small (85KB) free portable app that has an easy-to-use interface which supports drag and drop files such as image, document, video, or a program from your desktop to view them as thumbnails or icons. Unlike Windows, which shows you small, standard sized images, Thumbico gives you the large version (if available) and also lets you save them as images. You can save the thumbnail or icon to a JPEG, PNG, GIF, or BMP or can be copied to the clipboard and inserted into other documents.

Thumbnail of a movie extracted with Thumbico

Extracting images from icons and other .exe files is very easy with Thumbico. Just drag and drop the item (executable or video or image file) onto Thumbico window, the file path will be shown on the interface and you will be able to work. With Naked Mode and Glass Mode you can view the whole image without any UI elements of Thumbico then play withCtrl++ or Ctrl+Рto suite your picture size and then save it as jpg for example.

Features of Thumbico:

  • Drag and Drop
  • Saving or Copying
  • Easy Sizing
  • Beautiful Presentation
  • Free

As Thumbico developer says:

Software developers can use Thumbico to test how their program icon looks like at different sizes (Taskbar size, Start Menu size, Desktop size) and how its transparency blends with different backgrounds.

As said earlier, Thumbico is portable and can be launched from a usb key, can be used as image resizer, converter and thumbnail or icon extractor from .exe’s. If you are a software developer and would like to see your icons or thumbnails in a better way then go ahead and download Thumbico from the link below.

Download : Thumbico

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