Winamp the ultimate audio converter

Yes, you read it right. Winamp is known to many only as an audio player. But, do you know that you can use Winamp to convert an audio file from one format to another? Even I don’t know about it. Winamp free version has some limitations like bitrate limitation on some formats and some formats like MP3 are only supported in PRO version. Winamp standard supports the following file formats as output :

WMA, WAV, MP4/LC-AAC, MP4/aacPlus/HE-AAC (upto 128kbps), LC-AAC, FLAC, aacPlus/HE-AAC (upto 128kbps).

You can see that there is no MP3 encoding and for formats like aacPlus you cannot encode over 128kbps. These two functions are allowed only in Pro version. Also, Winamp converts only audio files that it supports. It cannot encode video files though it plays them. To use Winamp as audio converter follow these steps :

  1. The first and foremost thing you have to make sure is that whether the song that you want to convert is in Winamp media library or not. If your song is not in Winamp media library, then you can songs to Winamp media library from File>Add media to Library. Now select the folder and add the songs of that folder to Winamp.
  2. In media library>audio,
    Right click on the song you want to convert and select send to>Format converter.
    winamp converter 3
  3. Now Format converter configuration windows will be opened. In that window you can select the output format from the drop down.
    winamp converter 4
    After selecting the output format there are few more options for you to configure. For example, consider you have selected WMA encoder. You have to select the type of encoder (e.g. WMA voice, wma 10 professional, wma lossless) and bitrate (16bit, stereo, 44100/48000 HZ) from the options given below.
    winamp converter 5
    These are only some options you have. Try playing with them to get control over them and to know what they are and how they work.

Winamp format converter wizard gives you full control. You can select the desired sample format, bitrate, CBR/VBR (Constant/Variable bitrate) etc. Winamp has everything and yet it lacks so much without having the ability to convert to MP3 for free. If you really want MP3 conversion for free with all the abilities to control over the output file, <a href=””>Buy WINAMP PRO Now</a> In freewares, I recommend dbPowerAMP converter. It’s the best free audio converter.

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