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Comodo Dragon vs Google Chrome [Updated!]

Last year, I published an article comparing Comodo Dragon and Google Chrome (link) when Comodo Dragon web browser was first released. Even today, many people read it. Thanks to Google. In this one year, Comodo Dragon...

Opera 11.50 Gets New Sleeky Design

Opera has rolled down a new update to its browser on all major platforms i.e. for Windows, Mac and Linux. With this new update Opera wants show its power and following to the world...

Is Avast Internet Security 6 worth buying?

After receiving a good feedback on our previous Avast Free edition review, I’ve decided to review Avast Internet Security 6 to see if it’s worth buying. We have also went deep into testing the Avast SafeZone and Firewall and saw some flaws in it which needs to be fixed. So, read the review now to see those interesting details.

Review of Avast 6 Free Antivirus

All new Avast 6 product line is released. The Avast 6 free version is feature-rich than any other contemporary free antivirus that are available today. We have reviewed Avast 6 free version for you, so that you can decide whether to go for it or not. Read the review to know whether Avast 6 free version is Hot or not!

Revised Softwares For Testing USB Keys

Revised Softwares For Testing USB Keys

Few pc users employs usb drives to transfer big files. Well, this normal since usb key offer higher storage capacities. So how to choose an usb key and how to test its reading-writing capacity...

Comodo Dragon vs Google Chrome

This article is outdated. Please read the updated article at www.techishare.com/tech/comodo-dragon-vs-google-chrome-updated/ Comodo, a well known security company has recently released a new browser called Comodo Dragon. Comodo says that Comodo Dragon is Fast and...