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Comodo Dragon vs Google Chrome [Updated!]

Last year, I published an article comparing Comodo Dragon and Google Chrome (link) when Comodo Dragon web browser was first released. Even today, many people read it. Thanks to Google. In this one year, Comodo Dragon...

Google+ vs Facebook

Much awaited Google+ has been released quite successfully with lot of people asking for the invites. Even though it took me long enough to get an invite, now that I got one so lets...

Google Hacker Page

Today I found Google home page – Hacker version! lol 🙂 Click here to visit the Google Homepage – Hacker version. [via Big Webmaster]

Comodo Dragon vs Google Chrome

This article is outdated. Please read the updated article at www.techishare.com/tech/comodo-dragon-vs-google-chrome-updated/ Comodo, a well known security company has recently released a new browser called Comodo Dragon. Comodo says that Comodo Dragon is Fast and...

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