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Opera 11.50 Gets New Sleeky Design

Opera has rolled down a new update to its browser on all major platforms i.e. for Windows, Mac and Linux. With this new update Opera wants show its power and following to the world...


oGet, Integrates Any Download Manager into Opera

Oget, is a small application that allows you to integrate any download manager into Opera irrespective of whether your download manager supports integration with opera or not. Oget can configure more than 20 download managers to automatically monitor downloads over opera.


What actually is Opera Turbo?

Two days back I wrote a post here on how to save bandwidth of your broadband. There I mentioned many useful bandwidth savers. Today I came across another bandwidth saver, perhaps the better than...


A list of Bandwidth Savers

Saving bandwidth on my broadband account is a big hurdle that I face every month. Sometimes I successfully use broadband within my limit and sometimes I have to pay double the amount because of...


Browser comparison – Part 1

Firefox vs Opera vs Internet Explorer vs Chrome vs K-meleon vs safari vs Maxthon vs Avant Browser Which one is the best? Which is faster? Which is lighter? I put all these browsers to...

Hear the truth… 4

Hear the truth…

Today I wanna tell you some  truths about software that we use daily. For example, take the category of browsers. Firefox says it is secure and so is the case with Safari, IE, Google...

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