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No Sound on YouTube? Here Is The Solution

Recently I experienced a problem while watching a video on YouTube. Suddenly there was no audio. The video is being displayed correctly but there was no audio. So, naturally I uninstalled Adobe Flash Player...


Unable to Uninstall Avast? Try ASWClear

Avast is certainly the best free antivirus available in the market today loaded with lots of protection layers. No doubt many people will be using it and so I. After using Avast Internet Security...


Zonealarm Pro in conflict with Firefox

I have been using Zonealarm for a while now, since their recent giveaway during Patch Tuesday promotion. Since then, I feel that I have damn good protection. Zonealarm Firewall is rocking, blocking every application...


Add iso as software repository in Ubuntu

Many linux distros like Opensuse support this feature of adding iso as software repository. This has many advantages : When installing a package it has to satisfy its dependencies, If have an iso on...


Ubuntu Wired connection problem : Solution 2

Well Ubuntu Geeks, this is another workaround for network problems. Before reading this process I strongly encourage you to read this workaround and see whether it fixes your problem or not. If that solution...

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