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Get Prevx SafeOnline for Free

What is Prevx Safeonline? Prevx Safeonline is a software which helps you to enter your personal details like passwords and credit card info into websites without compromising your security even if active threats reside...

How-To : Make Firewalls and Antivirus Compatible

Different people like different security programs. Some rely on security suites, where as others rely on their own custom made suites (combination of antivirus and firewall from different vendors). Those who rely on security...

Is Avast Internet Security 6 worth buying?

After receiving a good feedback on our previous Avast Free edition review, I’ve decided to review Avast Internet Security 6 to see if it’s worth buying. We have also went deep into testing the Avast SafeZone and Firewall and saw some flaws in it which needs to be fixed. So, read the review now to see those interesting details.

Is India The Best Place To Find Cheap Antivirus? May be

Is India The Best Place To Find Cheap Antivirus? May be

Security companies like Eset, AVG, Kaspersky, Symantec, Mcafee etc are selling their products at damn cheap price in India. Read this article to know what made these security giants lower their product’s price. Several links are also included from where you can buy these products cheap.

Tech I Share hacked?

Tech I Share hacked?

Hi friends, sorry for not posting any article in this week and also many of you might observed that Tech I Share under went a sudden, uninformed maintenance service. I decided to take this...

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