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As a complete novice to this scene I just knew I wanted a simple tool that will let me take screenshots and to expose the picture to various modifications without the need of photoshop. I also knew I needed a piece of software that would eradicate any pressing need to learn and understand how to use the screenshot theory. I’m no expert; I just wanted to play. I have high standards regarding my hopes of a given piece of software, and I must say I have found CrossGL SnapDraw excellent. It is simple to use, and to provide an instant and clear indication of how I’m doing. Above all, I have found it to be great fun! If you already have a bunch of photos, just upload to SnapDraw and start using your creativity within built editing tools. ¬†Better if you wish then you can use the built in SnapDraw Tool Designer in order to make new tools that matches your requirements, just go to File scroll down to SnapDraw Tool Designer and start your work once done then you can use them in your screenshots.

Snapdraw tool designer

Before you begin to capture screens, it is important to set some settings in SnapDraw to make it work according to your need. By clicking the menu “Capture Now” you have access to capture options of the program. You can select the capture of the entire screen, a window to be chosen by you or then only one window active. If you use more than one monitor and want to capture both at once, SnapDraw is able to perform the task. Just click Capture Now > All Monitors.

To capture the screen via keyboard you need to enable the keyboard shortcut. Do this in menu Capture Key > Capture Key Settings. There you turn and reconfigure the shortcut, choosing new combinations of buttons to take a “screenshot”. This is done, press the shortcut set to make the SnapDraw work.

SnapDraw is a Screen Capture software with High Fidelity Vector Graphics Annotation Tools and Effects. Its interface may seem confusing start due to the large number of program information, however, looking a bit more careful, note that it is well organized and distributes coherently its resources. The toolbar is located right above the image editing screen. The large toolbar icons provide an easy and quick way to select them for their dedicated purposes. In it are found tools to move the image, view it panoramic mode, add new images, insert geometric shapes (circles, squares, pentagons, etc.), insert a conversation thought balloon and add a directional arrow. Plus a lens feature handy to bring out lost details in a screen shot. The magnified area can be moved to another part by right clicking on magnifier and using the “Freeze Magnified Content” option. You captured the screen image and now it is open in the program. To the left of the screen is located the “Rendering options” menu and through it you can do desired edits in the image. Once the edited screenshots reaches to the final stage, sharing it online is as easy as saving it to your desktop, you can set it to automatically upload screenshots to an FTP server, send them by email, send them to Twitter, or embed them into a Word or Power Point presentation.

After making the settings in your image (Choose from typical aspect ratios such as 4:3, 3:2, 16:9 or define your own), it’s time to export it. To do this, select the format in the section “Format Output image”. The following extensions are available for image files: JPEG, BMP, PNG and JNG. If everything is correctly selected, click F2 to generate the new file as image.

Some Features:

  1. CrossGL SnapDraw is one of the few capture programs able to record transparency/translucency introduced by Windows Aero desktop theme.
  2. Put multiple screenshots into the one capture scene.
  3. Choose group or individual reflection effect.
  4. Magnifier Lens Effect helps focus to some important part of the screenshot and looks very nice.
  5. With automatic aspect ratio alignation you will always create a proper-sized final images regardless of resulting pixel size dimensions.
  6. Features like Watermarking, resizing, rotation & reflection, adding background, margins and borders make this software a must-have in your Arsenal.

SnapDraw is not like the traditional screen capture tools since uses high fidelity and high precision 2D vector graphics engine with unlimited rendering scalability (can zoom up to a 1 million percent with very fine detail). Finally with SnapDraw unattractive screenshots are part of history and making/creating a professional looking web-graphics is in reach of users.

Download : SnapDraw

Giveaway :

MicroInvention, the makers of CrossGL SnapDraw has graciously given us 10 licenses to giveaway to interested readers. So, interested people, leave a comment below to enter the lucky draw. Winners will be announced in 5 days.

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