Divvy – Divide Your Workspace As You Like (Giveaway 25)

Intelligent resizing of workspace is important if there are more than one open window, thus switching from one window to the other become easier and faster, keeping an end to your frustration. One old method to resize window is to press ALT+SPACE on keyboard, this will bring up the control menu for the active window. Choose size on the menu. Then using the arrrow keys you can resize the window. Doing this for more than one window is little harder to practice. Windows 7 hasn’t really “solved” anything to that effect. It is true that resizing edit windows can be done via macro, I would not recommend resizing windows using macros unless the user is a programmer since resizing a window could mess up the screen layout unless done correctly. Searching through internet for a safer method let me to Divvy. Windows management is a breeze using Divvy as it automatically organizes Windows as I want and where I want. Interface of Divvy is semi-transparent that may be called at any time by invoking a keyboard shortcut, or by clicking the application icon in the windows task bar.

Divvy is a little utility, weighing just 10 MB, will deal elegantly with resizing work window, it takes advantage of both mouse and keyboard. Installation of Divvy is easy and can be set to start with windows. The actual window resizing is only valid when Divvy is running. On my screen I have three windows opened which were important for my work and I had to put some efforts to go back and forth from one window to other frequently. So, I simply brought Divvy panel and started resizing, once for all. Divvy uses a visual interface and resizing is driven by the mouse so it is easy and the user can define the percentage of each window. If you need more Grids then press the Alt key to instantly subdivide the default 6×6 grid to get a 12×12 grid. Press the Alt key again to revert back.  So, I clicked on my first window and then brought Divvy panel and assigned the first space, clicking and dragging a contiguous selection of those segments will snap the current window to that portion of the screen, so did the same with the remaining windows. WOW my efforts were crowned with success and I could clearly see my 3 work windows at a time and could switch from one to another easily. Thank you Divvy.

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Divvy offers some parameters that can be used in order to enhance usability and that fits user choice on how to use it. To configure them, open Divvy and flip to preference (the gear icon in the upper right of the window).

  1. Keep Panel Open Until Dismissed (Menu General)
  2. Use Global Hotkey To Display Panel (Menu General)

Another option is to assign keyboard shortcut for each window, so open Divvy panel, go to Preferences and click on Shortcut then click on New and choose the window size. Clicking and dragging a contiguous selection of those segments will snap the current window to that portion of the screen and then assign a shortcut. So now you can use your global shortcut to pop up the Divvy window, and press single or combination key(s) you’ve defined to instantly activate that shortcut.

Interesting feature is that Divvy can work with multi-monitor by adding a pop up menu in each display. So with this method it is possible to move a window to another display by dragging out the selection on Divvy on that screen. If you use shortcuts, the window will move to the monitor on which the mouse cursor currently resides.

Features :

  1. Very simple to use , functional result
  2. Multi-monitor support
  3. Can store our preferences for each software
  4. Can be invoked with a simple combination of keys
  5. You can create shortcut bound to certain blocks
  6. Flow correctly with the size of the text and take the font size into account.
  7. The trial period is unlimited, but gives you a reminder screen every so often.

Divvy is quite a simple and neat app, and comes with a trial period. Resizing application windows side-by-side either vertically or horizontally, all combinations are possible, you will use the mini-window to set up your ideal presentation that will make perfect sense without loss of time or space. If you are lost with Divvy then no worry there is an excellent guide and a video tutorial in the official web site, or just email the developers for new ideas and they will appreciate it. Download the trial version from the below link and witness its power. The program works on Windows and Mac.

Download : Divvy

Giveaway :

We thank the developers of Divvy for giving us 5 licenses to giveaway to our readers for free. License usage terms are as below

If you have multiple Macs/windows and you’re the only one who uses them, please feel free to use a license on all of them.
If multiple people use multiple Macs, we’d appreciate if you’d purchase an additional license per Mac or per person, whichever is fewer.

In order to win Divvy, you have to

  1. Subscribe to us
  2. Tell us why do you need Divvy.

Winners will be announced on 15th Feb.

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