First half : OOPS backup, iMoney licenses and two more products free giveaway

Hello friends, I am glad that many of you are interested in our giveaway. Even before I started the giveaway many of you have commented regarding the giveaway. Some of you have also asked me about the rules for getting the license key. Your doubts will be clarified in this post. Before I declare you the rules let me give you a brief information about OOPS backup software.

Review of Altaro OOPS Backup :

Daily pc users and those of us heavily relies on changes made on files during a work progress finds itself in a period of time the need of recovering back an earlier version of a work that is viewed as better one or to recover the part that was deleted. How many times we wished to had a backup of an older version so that reconstruction could have been made easier and here is where Oops Backup plays a sensible role in preventing the regret of not having this wanted older version of a work file. Oops backup is a simple solution to pc data backup automatically with the respect of the file filtering options set to desired way. The application support several backing locations such as backing to an internal or external drive. All operations can be automatized and can be started when windows start as an option one can do backup when he wants to set it and this is manual mode. Oops backup tracks automatically the changes made on a file and make a secure backup.

Oops backup is a handy tool and easy employ and no expertise is required and nothing can go wrong with it. A first time user will be delighted by the way oops backup is organized, start and forget that oops backup is running in the background. Once set on Oops backup  calculate how much place is needed on your chosen location to start backup, A refresh drive list adds more drives when they are connected to the pc. This is where plug and protect comes in action, oops backup starts to backup only when the external drives is connected to the pc without needing to any extra action.

In the advance settings you can choose to start oops backup with windows and to be notified when backup is completed. You can set backup in manual or automatic way based on the time that you choose.  You can keep the file version set at the desired number or you can also revoke reverse delta so  oops backup will backup only the changes made on the file and not all the files does sparing space and time in storing the changed version file. Also oops backup gives you the option of MS volume shadow service (VSS) and this to make a full copy or a clone. Purging older versions can also be activated. In the reports section you can access to  Events since the last backup so you can see if a file was changed or renamed since the last backup, and there is a backup history where you can see if the backup was successful or something went wrong. The dashboard gives you a detailed view of the drive status and space.

The Backintime feature gives you access to your older files and works so you can recover back your changed files if the recent ones are not suitable for you. Before restoring a file the user can see if it’s the version that is needed to be restored. With oops backup mistakes made on a file can easily be restored by revoking an earlier version thus limiting accidents. This is an ideal option for web developers, researchers, students and all off who desires this feature of safe working. Oops backup is the way to be protected from common mistakes on our daily used pc. [Thank you Morfor for the beautiful review.]

Rules to enter the draw :

1. Subscribe to our newsletter through email address. Please enter your email below.

2. Leave a comment below, so that we can know that you are interested in this software.

Only two rules and we will select the winners randomly. We have 4 Altaro OOPS backup licenses, each software worth $37. In addition to OOPS backup licenses I want to personally add two more products, Advanced system care pro and F-secure antivirus 2010 one year license key.

This is the first half of our giveaway. The second half of our giveaway will be announced tomorrow. If you love this giveaway then share the news about the giveaway through social networks. Use the social buttons below to spread the news about this giveaway. As I said earlier, the winners will be announced on or after 21st December, 2009.

Update : We are adding two iMoney personal software licenses to the first part of our giveaway.  The review about iMoney can be found here. [Contest is now closed]

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