MediaMonkey – Make Your Music Management Simple [Giveaway 19]

Few days ago, I asked my friend “Do you use MediaMonkey?” and he said “Yes”. I asked him again “What made you install MediaMonkey? Have you found anything special in MediaMonkey that other players lack?” and he answered “Its free, lol!”. I said to myself “What?”. But, that’s true. Many of us see MediaMonkey as one of the many free audio/video players out there. But I want to let you know that MediaMonkey is not only free but it is also special and unique in many ways. In this week we are going to have a series of articles, that unleash the power of MediaMonkey.

Update your music library :

First let us see, how MediaMonkey organizes your cluttered Music Library. If you are maintaining a Music library in Winamp or Windows Media Player, then you can import it to MediaMonkey during installation, so that you don’t need to start everything from scratch.

Right-Click menuUsually a cluttered music library lacks ID3 tags. A Tag stores information about the audio file and is attached to the audio file itself. So, that when the audio file is moved from one place to another, say from your PC to MP3 player, the information about songs will also go with it. Now your MP3 player reads the information from tag and organizes the audio file accordingly. So, if you are going to organize your music library, the first thing you have to do is tagging. Tagging songs manually is not only difficult but is also time taking, especially if you have large Music collection. That’s where MediaMonkey’s auto-tagging feature helps you. MediaMonkey has two auto-tagging features.

  1. Auto-tag from web
  2. Auto-tag from filename

MediaMonkey uses Amazon to find information about songs. Amazon has one of the largest music libraries available on internet. So, its very likely to find information for your songs. In my test MediaMonkey has performed well in recognizing the song information correctly. Winamp on other hand performed better than MediaMonkey. Winamp uses a very intelligent song recognizer called Gracenote. Gracenote was very accurate in recognizing songs correctly. But, the problem with Winamp is it won’t add Album art to the tag, instead it saves it separately. But MediaMonkey has the capability of adding Album art to the tag. If MediaMonkey include Gracenote service then that could be a great addition to its Arsenal.

Auto-tag from filename Secondly, auto tagging from filename is something that most other media players won’t offer. This feature is very helpful for people like me who download videos from Youtube, convert them and then sync them to portable players. I usually download videos using keepvid. The downloaded video’s filename is automatically saved in the form <Artist-name><Song-name>, (e.g Michael Jackson – Beat it). The song information is already in the filename itself and there is no need for me to search internet again for the info. So, I’ll just command MediaMonkey to auto tag the song using its filename.

Organize your updated Music Library :

Organizing music library on your hard disk is the next step in making a your music collection clutter free. MediaMonkey Gold has this important feature. Auto-organizing can be done by choosing Tools > Options from menu bar, a new window will open. In the left pane, under Library select Auto-Organize.


Select Add Auto-Organize Rule. By default, MediaMonkey saves the organized Music library to My Music folder with following directory structure and filename format.

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\My Music\<Album Artist>\<Album>\<Track#> – <Artist> – <Title>


We can also configure the directory structure using the Configure button. You can add as many rules as you wish by separating each rule with Track Criteria. Track criteria can be Genre, Filters and Playlists. For example, you can organize Rock Music in one way and Classical Music in another way. MediaMonkey automatically organizes your files in background. Best thing I love about MediaMonkey is its “Set it, and forget it” kind of features. Add auto-organizing rules once and MediaMonkey will organize your Music Library automatically.

Till now I’ve only given you a glance on the power of MediaMonkey and still¬†there are so many interesting features left for us to invade. I’ll be discussing these features in coming articles.

Giveaway :

Thanks to Russell Samuels sir of MediaMonkey for giving us 25 licenses of MediaMonkey Gold. These 25 licenses are divided into 3 giveaways. My only aim in dividing into 3 giveaways is to show you all (especially winners), how MediaMonkey can help you in music management, so that you’ll utilize MediaMonkey’s power to its fullest.

In this 1st giveaway, we are going to giveaway 10 MediaMonkey Gold licenses to the participants. Interested people have to

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Note : Winners will be announced on 31st December 1st January, 2011.

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