MediaMonkey 4, The Best Media Player and Organizer [Christmas Giveaway]

MediaMonkey is a very good media player that needs no introduction. After a very longtime, MediaMonkey has released a major upgrade last month. This new version comes with many new features that turns MediaMonkey from a mere music organizer into an all-in-one media manager. Let us quickly go through the main features of new MediaMonkey 4.

Installation and Configuration :

MediaMonkey 4 can be installed as portable version, so that you can carry MediaMonkey wherever you go. After installation a welcome screen will guide you in setting up MediaMonkey.

MediaMonkey 4 ConfigurationIt’ll take you through several steps that helps you turn the standard edition into Gold edition (if you have a key), add folders to media library etc,. While adding folders to Media Library, it’ll gives you several other options like Folder-Monitoring and Scan at Startup, which lets you update the media player automatically when new files are added to the monitored folders. If you are upgrading from MediaMonkey 3, then your media library will stay intact. Not only that, you can also import songs, playlists and ratings from other media players like Windows Media Player, iTunes and Winamp.

New Interface :

MediaMonkey 4 InterfaceMediaMonkey 4 gets new highly customizable interface. It intelligently divides your whole Media library in such a way that you can quickly access the desired files easily. You can sort your media library in variety of ways using 50+ different kinds of filters (like Artist, Album, Track, Bitrate, Title, Mood, Occasion, filename, Samplerate, Extension etc). It also offers new tabbed interface and we all know how useful the tabs can be. With these tabs, you can easily perform different tasks on MediaMonkey at once.

Tabbed Interface of MediaMonkey 4

Tabbed Interface of MediaMonkey 4

Organize your library as you like :

Usually, many media players will organize your media files as Music, Video, Playlists etc. But, MediaMonkey goes a step further and lets the user organize his media files as he likes. And that feature is called as Collections in MediaMonkey.

MediaMonkey Collections

In order to create your own collection, Goto File > Manage Collections. A new window opens from where you can edit the media tree. As you can see MediaMonkey offers many collections by default. So, to create a new collection click on Add New collection at the bottom.

MediaMonkey Collections

Supports Video Encoding & Playback :

Playing Videos in MediaMonkey 4We all know that MediaMonkey supports playback and encoding of audio files. But, with this new version MediaMonkey supports wide range of video formats via MediaMonkey Codec Pack or other codec packs (K-lite, CCCP codec packs etc). But, video conversion/encoding is done only with the help of Codec Pack. Codec Pack supports unlimited video playback, but video conversion is limited. to 30 days So, if you want to have video conversion feature then you have to buy the Codec Pack which costs $11.95.

Another interesting feature in MediaMonkey is the ability to generate custom thumbnails for videos. Usually, in media players the thumbnails of videos are generated automatically. But, in MediaMonkey you can decide which frame should be the thumbnail of the video. So, that you can easily recognize that video in your media library. In order to generate a custom thumbnail, first play the video in wide screen mode. Then right-click on video and select “Save Thumbnail”. Now, MediaMonkey will let you generate the thumbnail. So, select “From Current Video Frame”, to create thumbnail of that frame.

Generate Custom Thumbnail

Supports Portable Devices :

MediaMonkey device supportMediaMonkey 4 supports wide range of devices like Android devices, ipod, iPhone etc. You can sync your media files without worrying about file conversion. MediaMonkey Gold, features on-the-fly conversion that converts video and audio files into device compatible format while syncing. Last year we’ve explained how to sync media to portable devices via on-the-fly conversion, so go through it, if you are interested in this on-the-fly conversion feature.

Addons :

Mellen Aero MM4 Skin

MediaMonkey 4 with Mellen Aero Skin

By default, MediaMonkey is highly customizable and no extra addons are needed for most of the part. But, addons are required in order to support few missing features. Several addons and skins are available to enhance the functionality of MediaMonkey and you can download them from the addons webpage.

Conclusion :

Till now, we all know MediaMonkey as a good music organizer. But, with the release of version 4, its power is extended to the videos too. Now, MediaMonkey is not just an audio player or music organizer, it is a complete media manager.

Download : MediaMonkey

Giveaway :

Thanks to Russell Samuels sir, for generously giving us 25 licenses of MediaMonkey Gold. So, if you are interested in grabbing this wonderful media organizer, then do the following :

  1. Do anyone of the following (which ever is convenient to you) :
  2. Leave a comment below telling us why you need MediaMonkey Gold. Please use a valid Email ID while commenting.

Winners will be drawn randomly using and the announcement will be made here itself on 14th December. All the best!

Winners :

Following people have won MediaMonkey 4 Gold Edition.

Winners of MediaMonkey Gold Edition

Congrats winners. In order to generate license keys we need your full name. So, winners are requested to send their full name along with email (which you used to participate) using the form below, on or before 20th December. If failed, the license will be given to the next participants on the list.

Your Full Name (required)

Your Email (required)

Once again, congratulations to you all and thanks to each and every participant for taking part in this contest.

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90 Responses

  1. Have says:

    Thank you! The perfect gift for Christmas! I like TECH I SHARE!
    Best regards!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Congrats to all winners, thanks techishare and Media Monkey.

  3. xCurt says:

    I am very unhappy with this drawing, because I really was hoping to win! Congratulations to the winners πŸ™‚

  4. TeXaCo says:

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway Sam, I really appreciate it and congrats to all the other winners.

    Great Christmas present

  5. Mike M says:

    Congratulations to all the winners.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Great review for a wonderful media player and easily configurable as i notice.

  7. BlogWurm says:

    MediaMonkey was once the best music organizer
    but as they now added support for video it’s
    the best organizer to manage all your multimedia.

    So I hope to win.

    Thanks for the tip how to make it portable,
    for your review and this giveaway.

  8. malkhaz says:

    Media monkey 4 is really a good achievement, it has so many innovations and improvements that it is the greatest pleasure for to have it. And now I see at this site a cool opportunity for this. Really , the cool offer, thanks, Samuel!!!!!/william_of_pale/status/146666014594183168

  9. Maestro says:

    Good giveaway. MediaMonkey Gold is bradzo useful and interesting program and time again to work with multimedia files. I have a large collection of music and I like to listen to a good program. This one sufficient for all. Count me in. Regards.!/Pan_Pikus/status/146632212501102593

  10. Cecdc7731 says:

    I have been using MediaMonkey to organize my library of over 20000 songs. Many were ripped from older physical CD’s that I had accumulated over the years and I continuously tweak my tags and am still working on getting ID3 tags on some of the older files. MM is the best and easiest way to do this as quickly and accurately as possible.

  11. Nikhil says:

    Hi Sam,
    Awesome Review !
    never tried any software like this would love to give it a shot !
    Please count me in.

  12. Paddy says:


    This is just the ticket to help organise my media real estate, which is spread out over several harddrives over my network. it would certainly transform chaos into order, so please count me in.

    Good Luck to All.

  13. Hakah says:

    MediaMonkey is the best media player and you can import songs and playlists from other media players like Windows Media Player, iTunes and Winamp. At the same time, this new version 4.0 can be be installed as portable version. Also, MediaMonkey enables user to organize his media files whatever he likes. It supports a wide range of video formats too.
    Please count me in this Giveaway and thanks to for this Special Giveaway Event!

  14. Cityman0101 says:

    This is the best program. I want to win this licence.
    Please count me in.!/CityMan2011/status/145955662143291392

  15. Anonymous says:

    Please consider me

  16. Mayur says:

    Nice giveaway, Count me in….
    Media monkey Nice media player with good sound, picture quality and best libraray organiser.
    Thanks for giveaway

  17. Wolfson00 says:

    An excellent program – media player. Very good sound quality. I would really like win this program. MediaMonkey is the best.!/Wolfson0/status/145793674490544128

  18. Jamil Ahmed says:

    Its my current media player. I have a huge music collection .Its one of the best libraray organiser but being a free version its not automatically organising my files on HDD. this option is only for GOLD version. . . and thats why I am looking for GOLd

  19. Supermac says:

    There’s a whole new world besides iTunes and it’s Media Monkey 4

  20. PlyAce40 says:

    MediaMonkey is a good program. I use to have it. Got rid of it cause I wanted the Gold version. It has more features.

  21. TonyP says:

    I really like MediaMonkey–I’ve got Gold, version 3. Excellent software. I’d love to upgrade to Gold version 4.

  22. TonyP says:

    I like MediaMonkey–I have Gold version 3. Excellent program, so I definitely would like to upgrade to version 4.

  23. Have says:

    Hi! Excellent program, I want to win, so she settled into my computer. I have a huge collection of music and video. I think that MediaMonkey is the program that can cope with a large collection of media.
    Best regards!

  24. Linu says:

    follow you on twitter. I would like to have this for its comprehensive music folder arrangement and it’s full tweaking mp3 ripping. thanks for the giveaway.

  25. Heath Peek says:

    I have almost 2 TB of MP3 files saved to an external HD, Media Monkey is the best organizer of that many music files that I have found yet.

  26. Heath Peek says:

    I have almost 2 TB of MP3 files saved to an external HD, Media Monkey is the best organizer of that many music files that I have found yet.

  27. Heath Peek says:

    I have almost 2 TB of MP3 files saved to an external HD, Media Monkey is the best organizer of that many music files that I have found yet.

  28. phase says:

    organize? what a nice idea, lol (joking) this could come in very handy .. thanks for a chance at this

  29. phase says:

    organize? what a nice idea, lol (joking) this could come in very handy .. thanks for a chance at this

  30. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for this giveaway I want to win this licence
    I want to watch the movie with H.D quality

  31. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Sam for the review and the giveaway.
    Please count me in.

  32. Ani says:

    I would love a license as my harddisl is full of movies and songs.It would be of great use to organise it using Media Monkey

  33. Sudip Kumar Das says:

    MediaMonkey is the best to have complete control over my huge music collection. With the introduction of video playback feature in version 4, the best has just become better. Please count me in, I need a license badly.

    Already subscribed to your wonderful blog.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the review and especially the contest, i see that Media Monkey allo users to display the desired thumbnails of videos, thts a cool option.!/paulcrousel/status/145453405316456448

  35. Rajesh Ghadye says:

    Great!!!!!!!!!!!. Good UI,Winamp like easy to access and understand. One of the best music organizer, duplicate search function, Media Monkey gold update files library, support audio conversion, virtual cd, disk burn.

    Thanks and best of luck for your christmas celebration, count me for this one.

  36. Anonymous says:

    It looks practical, an application that has many functions without sacrificing quality, I’m interested to have it, please count me in

  37. John Matt says:

    such a powerful media player. luvs to watch movies and listen songs while travelling. Count me in

  38. Ray says:

    I have been a registered user of MediaMonkey since it’s beginning and believe it to be the best. I would like to upgrade to MM4 add videos to my library, so I would like to enter this contest. thank you

  39. John D says:

    I am already subscribed to the mailing list of Tech I Share.
    MediaMonkey 4 is the best Media Player and Organizer. Please count me in.

    john d

  40. desmond says:

    I’m in serious need of a decent media organiser and this looks a great possibility.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win a gold licence.

  41. Scolli23 says:

    I have always wanted Media monkey. Thank you for this opportunity!

  42. Billehm99 says:

    Count me in please and thanks for the giveaway. Merry Christmas to you and all your readers and subscribers.

  43. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the review Samuel, but don’t include me in the draw. I’m very happy with the license I got from your giveaway last year, which BTW, is good for version 4 Gold. Sweet!!

  44. Big-red says:

    Already subscribed and get your emails – would like to win a copy of this software. Haven’t used it yet, but it has a great reputation. Happy Christmas

  45. vhick says:

    I want MediaMonkey to manage all my media files in my HDD. Its very comprehensive application to manage all media file. An all in one program that you don’t look for the other programs.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  46. Niroop says:

    Thanks for this Giveaway Sam Bro.Please count me in.
    Hope i win this awesome product.


  47. Kaushik Barot says:

    Thank you for the nice giveaway. I want to try Media Monkey because i’ve heard lot of about it and i want to use it for my personal use. please count me in.

  48. pyrexe says:


    Thank you for making this giveaway available for Xmas. All the steps have completed.

  49. Jerry says:

    I’m using the version of series 3 The program is a revelation. I have a lot of music and I used it to organize all my music collection. He writes on the contest and greet.

  50. Jay says:

    Already a subscriber.

    I will like to participate in the giveaway. I hope to win a license of MediaMonkey Gold to help me organise and manage my media collection which is ever growing and in an unsorted state. Thanks.

  51. This is a great giveaway. It is a good software and wanting it badly. Plz consider me

  52. bala says:

    Sam please please please count me in. Wanting this software for long long long time. Sorry for repeatation lol. Thanks hope i win, fingers crossed.

  53. Simon walker says:

    I have loads of music it’s a right mess,would be excellent to have MediaMonkey gold to sort it all out with style.
    Thanx for the chance

  54. Relly says:

    well, one of the best when it comes organizing ur music collection, with it’s upgrade, i expect more features, like video files management, really a great software, an old timer, expecting the best of it, hope to win one license, so eager to try this new version, thanks alot to Tech I share, for this great giveaway….

  55. G Rajesh says:

    Subscribed to newsletter already
    Thanks for Christmas Celebration and it begin with mediamonkey which is awesome.
    MediaMonkey is is a power tool a bunch of tools like player, burner, agger organizer, and Support all major formats, i am using its free version. Pro/Gold version have features like unlimited mp3 encoding, automated library manager, speed conversion, CD DVD Burner.

    Love to have it, Thanks TECHISHARE for giveaway
    Count me in.

  56. MerleOne says:

    I have mp3, .wma, and other media spanned over several drives & folders, I would definitely like a global manager, especially when it comes from MediaMonkey, because of their experience in the field.
    Thanks for counting me in.

  57. Ng Thethongvn says:

    I tried to find any software to play video and music,but now i don’t have,i using k-lite.This is great software for me and everyone,so please count me in.Merry christmas and thank you.

  58. paul says:

    i am currently using the free version as my default media center, the application is awesome. The gold version will be even more fun to use, count me in.

  59. Huy says:


    I wish I have one license of MediaMonkey. Now I’m still using iTunes to play music.

  60. Lue48 says:

    Ich suche schon lange eine effiziente Software zur Verwaltung und Katalogisierung meiner großen Filmsammlung.Mediamonkey ist dafür bestens geeignet.

  61. Chessa_ckey says:

    Please count me in Dear Admin. I want to have this software to play my all musics with some tweaks that offers by Media Monkey Player.

    Best Regards!

  62. ischar says:

    Never use MediaMonkey before but I have a lot of music and video files, I wouldn’t mind to try it.

  63. Asrielrusdyawan says:

    Media Monkey is among the best Audio Player ever. I really need this Software to have the best Experience of Playing My Lovely Musics!
    Thanks for this Giveaway Dear Admin.

    I really hope to win this Giveaway!

    THX, LJBU!

  64. TeXaCo says:

    MediaMonkey has always been one of my favorite programs, it has so many features to it and has had these features long before other programs have had them.

    Please count me in for this great giveaway.


  65. Bionic says:

    I’ve previously won MediaMonkey from here Samuel – So count me out πŸ™‚

    MediaMonkey 4 ..
    Truly great, I might purchase the CodecPack hence I do lot of conversions.

    Was a nice gesture by Ventis Media when giving out licenses in past review, hence licenses qualified for their major upgrade.
    Most vendors wouldn’t do this, for “ANY” promotional rounds, good spirit & I’ll remember that when license expires & time’s up for renewal.

    Thanks for the review Samuel / Thanks Ventis Media

  66. Southtownguy says:

    Awesome program will come in handy to keeping my video and music libary easy to access!! thank you

  67. Grr says:

    Thanks Sam for the giveaway.
    This new version 4 is coming after a long long wait.
    Without any doubt the Gold version is a must for anyone having lot of music files.

    I would also like to point out your post below on creating a portable version:

    Please count me in.


  68. Anonymous says:

    Hands down the best media manager available.

  69. Amit Raina says:

    is a gud software……..plz count me also

  70. Thanks a lot Sam for the review and giveaway, please count me in, heard alot about media monkey , now i thinks its time to install a pro version to to managed my audio and video library which is almost 600 GB

  71. Freef says:

    I hope it can help me get rid of my duplicate musicfiles…

  72. hans says:

    Definitely I’m agree with you that MediaMonkey 4 is the best Media Player and Organizer. Please count me in.

  73. Mike M says:

    After reading your review a media manager seems to be a must have for me. I would like to try this software so please enter me in your giveaway. Thanks

  74. Art Clarke says:

    Thank you for the giveaway. I would love to turn a mediamonkey loose on my files. Could use some assistance in organizing them.!/clarkeac/status/144937040562241536
    Please count me in for the contest.
    Merry Christmas,

  75. Paf Borg says:

    Thanks for this great program, Samuel :). It seems that the new MediaMonkey can be the right program to listen to my music, a mix of mp3 and flv files.
    Merry Christmas to you, my friend.

    (I’m already a subscriber, and a twitter/facebook follower).

  76. Ng says:

    Woot! Awesome always wanted for this! Great opportunity to grab my self a gold license for this as I am a fan of MediaMonkey currently using its free version it works like a charm! Would be awesome if I will be able to get my hand on and experience the Gold version benefits. Thank once again for this giveaway and please include me on this also.

    Here is Tweet!/coolng1990/status/144925509673943040

  77. Cool says:

    Thank for this giveaway! A very good Media managing software which I am interested in! I am currently have like more than 5k of song stored on my hard drive and by this it will let me manage my song as I wanted. Currently using iTunes but it crash too often on my Window 7 64-Bit and started to got fed up with it. My though for it is that it consume too much ram while running iTune. MediaMonkey would be a great alternative!

    Did the following :

    Successfully subscribed to blog with my email (the same I use for comment)

    Followed via Twitter and here is my tweet on this giveaway!/CoolCrackerz/status/144922338666881024

    Liked the Facebook page and my username is PcsoftsZone Blogspot

    And finally my share link

    Thank again for such awesome giveaway and please count me in! Oh by the way great review πŸ™‚

  78. xCurt says:

    I have been a happy user of version 3 GOLD for some years, and would love to upgrade for Christmas πŸ™‚

  79. Anthony says:

    Great giveaway. Count me in. I need MediaMonkey 4 because my son and I love watching video’s and listening to good music. My audio collection is huge and this might organize my audio files. Thanks for the giveaway.

    Facebook shared:

  80. allin77 says:

    Program would allow me to organize my music collection.
    Wonderful contest. Thanks πŸ™‚!/allin77/status/144888904976314368

  81. Sheikh Yo-ass says:

    Hi. MediaMonkey is used to combine multimedia playback audio files and database management services to music in digital form. The program offers a multitude of advanced features and plays all popular audio formats. MediaMonkey also allows conversion of audio formats to any other digital format. All files on the hard disk, CD or the Internet, we can sort keys such as rock, classical, pop, audiobook, podcast, etc. or to your liking.
    MediaMonkey is able to manage collections of calculating even 50.000 audio files which makes it an organizer for the serious collectors. The program also gives us the opportunity to subscribe to podcasts, listen to Internet radio through services such as Shoutcast and Icecast, and listen to or purchase music from other sources on the Internet such as
    Thanks for the giveaway πŸ˜€!/olobambolo/status/144887017837309952

  82. Nc says:

    films and music is my life and I need to have organized it , thanks …

  83. wewewe says:

    was looking for software to organize 2 x 1.5 GB of media files. and hope this gold version will do it

  84. Rusira Dulanga says:

    I have a good movies and music library. so this one is very useful to me. Thanks for superb giveaways..Love to win this


  85. Joa13 says:

    I have many legal music from internet. And I use free Media Monkey to organize my music but I think it Gold version is better and I want to win it. I really like this software. Great contest. Please count me in. πŸ™‚!/joapio13/status/144870068784861184

  86. when a library of 30.000 music files, must be on hand MediaMonkey to control my library … so I’m in … thank you …!/InFiveG/status/144857397775708160

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