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Needing an alternative media player on windows, tempted me to search for some on the internet while there are many reviews on well known players such as Winamp, iTunes, MediaMonkey, Bsplayer pro…continued to search, as such I must say I found MediaRevolution and was tempted to download and install, since it comes with 30 days free trial.

MediaRevolution is stable. The basic features are very easy to use and intuitive, plus support the Aero theme otherwise is somewhat annoying. Media Revolution support multiple skins such as The Original (Pure Black), Blue, Bright White, Dark Black, and Red. The interface is divided into three portions the small one is the player on which is possible to get a wider screen which is File-Information by double clicking on the cover area, this screen will give FileInfos, Playlist Info and filter Management, then there are two vertical sidebars, hover your mouse to the right or the left corner of screen, then they will appear :

  1. Right side Bar : This is where you will see your playlist, favorites and Radio. From there you can add music and video files by drag and drop.
  2. Left Side Bar : More administrative purposes, you have a Clock, Calculator and Notes taking capabities, plus you can watch your CPU usage, also there is an option as QuickLaunch Programs, other functions related to the system, such as send a network message, Go to RUN, Launch MediaRevolution FreeMem Tool, start Windows Task Manager, schedule Shutdown and Standby… There are also media possibilities in the Programs section such as MediaRevolution Recompressor or go to DirectXCodec Viewer, Audio Recorder, Audio Xtractor, Set Mp3 Tags….

Media Revolution

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The Sidebars cannot be moved elsewhere on the screen. But if you right click on the arrow to left or to right, then, if you have more than one monitor connected, you can move it to the next monitor. You can also set the time how fast the sidebars should react in the settings window, below – sidebar – transparency/reactionspeed, and also in MediaPlayer – playlist — set transparency – reactionspeed.

In MediaRevolution you can find CodecCheck installed, there are some download links to ffdshow tryout, ac3filter, matroska splitter and others, get to the options window, there to SystemCheck and below that there is the codec check. So basically it is possible to watch most kind of video files. FFdshow tryout codec is not only one codec, its a codec which is capably to decode the most files, like divx, xvid, mkv, ac3, mp3, wmv and much more, this is the codec which is mostly used when everything is installed correctly.

Existing media files are not associated with MediaRevolution i.e. you can’t play them in MediaRevolution unless you drag and drop them into the player. So, the media files are associated with windows media player. MediaRevolution will follow strictly the generated playlist, so be sure that you removed the older playlist and do not have video files since they will be queued and played back also. Nice is that the music gently gets faded. When you right click in the playlist and go there to search, there is find similar titles search function, which shows you similar titles to your search phrase and shows you what you already have of that in your playlist. This is powered by and there you can also search in the playlists.

You can add the files from a cd via drag and drop from the explorer, or in the settings, there is an option, auto add audio titles or video titles, this is in the settings window below media player. If the Radio don’t play, it is possible that the chosen server is offline or overloaded, or the settings for the buffer and prebuffer for the radio is set to small, so go to the settings, to Mediaplayer – OnlineRadio, here you can increase the buffers.

Media Revolution always starts the last playing track when you start it. This can be disabled in the Settings below MediaPlayer. RainEffects can be added to the player by going to the MediaRevolution systray icon then choosing DesktopDisplay then Cover then RainEffect, and see wonderful RainEffects on the player. The DesktopDisplay size can also be adjusted by choosing DesktopDisplay-Size. With overlay renderer Windows aero transparency will be disabled temporarily when starting a video, after stopping MediaRevolution automatically reactivates aero transparency. In this way it is possible to watch videos even in the background of the Windows Desktop Display.

In MediaRevolution, it is possible to add effects such as reverb, echo, and more with a DSP (digital signal processing) plug-in for the player such as Sony Noise Reduction and much more like modifying (say amplifies) the audio signals before play back. DSPs are also for video files and the dvd player has also most of the DSPs. Only radio and DVR cannot be coupled with DSPs at this time. To get to the DSP settings only right click and then MediaPlayer or DVDPlayer DSP Filter then there are the possible DSPs. You can activate as much DSPs as you need, treble bass reverb and so on, all can be run at the same time. When you have installed an external plugin like Sony Noise Reduction you have to restart MediaRevolution after that you can enable any DSP with the Checkbox Enabled from the settings page of the desired DSP.

MediaRevolution brings a new way to feature music and videos. If you are looking for a different type of media player download the trial version of MediaRevolution from the below link and upgrade to full version with your convenience.

Download : Media Revolution

Update :

Thanks to Tom, developer of Media Revolution, for taking time in commenting here and also for telling us more about Media Revolution.


I am the Developer, i dont want to win a license ;-)

Thanks for your respones :-)

you can make much more with MEDIA Revolution. when clicking on the grey button in the desktop Display a control appears, where its possible to enable and disable different shutdown modes, like shutdown after running title, or shutdown after x titles and some more, and also a startup Option is here, with this you can Automatically startup your pc in the morning from hibernate or standby mode. I always wake up with my pc since i got this running :-) And there is so much more in it. Almost every needful Digital Audio Processor which is known, A Search for new file in folder option in the treeview and much much more. I hope you have Fun while trying the shareware Version!!!

best regards


Giveaway :

Developers of MediaRevolution has given us 5 free licenses of MediaRevolution full version. With this license you can enjoy unlimited updates for MediaRevolution i.e. you can freely upgrade to newer versions. So, if you are interested to win MediaRevolution then

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