Revo Uninstaller Pro – The Best Uninstallation Utility For Windows [Giveaway 49]

Many of us have the habit of trying different softwares. Especially, as freebie lovers we test many kinds of freebies which we get from promos and giveaways. After testing, we keep the programs we like and uninstall those that we don’t. But, do you know that even after uninstallation many registry entries, files and folders will be left over on your PC? Also, sometimes we come across few situations where softwares fail to install or uninstall and in order to remove such software we need specialized tools to remove that partial installation and this is where Revo Uninstaller comes to the rescue.

Revo Uninstaller Review

Revo Uninstaller comes in two versions : Free and Pro. The free version uses the same technology that is used in Pro version but it lacks few features like :

  • Installation monitoring,
  • Forced Uninstall
  • 64-bit support
  • Command line uninstallation
  • Ability to export info about installed items and other minor features

In this article, I’ll be reviewing Revo Uninstaller Pro.

1. Easy-To-Use User Interface :

Organize installed softwares using Groups :

The default Add/Remove feature in Windows fails at organizing installed softwares. All installed softwares are shown in one big list. If we have few installed programs then it’s easy to find a particular program on list and then uninstall it. But if we have more than 100 programs then it’ll be tough to find that particular program in that huge list. At times, users get frustrated when they don’t find the uninstaller quickly.

Revo Uninstaller Pro overcomes this main disadvantage by introducing “Groups”. By using these groups, we can group all multimedia softwares at one place, Internet related softwares at another place etc. By Default, Revo Uninstaller has these categories : Internet, Games, Multimedia, Security and Utilities. You can create your own custom category and then organize the installed softwares accordingly.

Revo review

Organizing installed softwares according to their groups

Software Installation & Uninstallation is just One-click away :

Revo Uninstaller, integrates itself into Windows Explorer’s Right click context menu and thus providing a quick way to uninstall softwares. When you right-click on folders you’ll see an entry (Uninstall with Revo Uninstaller Pro) like this :

Revo Uninstaller Pro reviewWith Revo Uninstaller, uninstallation is just one-click away. Just goto Program Files, right click on the directory of the program which you want to uninstall and select Uninstall with Revo Uninstaller Pro. Revo will start the uninstallation.

You can also start Installation Monitoring via Right click menu. Click on the setup file of a program and then choose Install with Revo Uninstaller Pro.

Revo Uninstaller Pro ReviewRevo will start tracing the program’s installation.

2. Uses Most Advanced and Innovative Technology :

As I said earlier, most uninstallers do not perform clean uninstallation. But, when we use Revo Uninstaller to uninstall software it uses its unique technology along with standard uninstallation procedure. First, it uninstalls the software using its standard uninstaller and then removes the left over registry entries, files and folders of that software by a thorough scan. Thus, Revo Uninstaller guarantees that the software is removed completely from your computer. We can make use of Revo Uninstaller’s Hunter mode to remove multiple softwares easily.

Apart from the above powerful uninstallation technology Revo uninstaller Pro includes some advanced features which are discussed below.

Installation monitoring :

Revo Uninstaller Pro has the ability to trace the system changes while installing a software. It tracks newly created registry entries, files and folders. When we try to uninstall that traced software, Revo will utilize this traced information to undo all those changes which were made by the software. Your computer will be reverted back to such an extent, and you won’t even find a small trace of that software.

In order to start Installation Monitor, click on Install Programs which is available on the ribbon, and then follow the instructions to finish installation monitoring.

Forced Uninstall :

This feature is very helpful in situations where the software installation ends abruptly and fail to complete the installation. The changes (registry entries, etc.) applied by those partial installations are left as it is and there is no way to remove those changes using standard methods. Revo’s Forced Uninstall technology removes all those registry entries and files which were created by that partial installation.

Forced uninstall will also helps you in removing the left over items of already uninstalled products. Just select Forced Uninstall from the ribbon and then search for that particular software. Revo will find folders and registry entries with that name and it’ll list them all. Now, you can easily delete all those left over items.

Revo was able to find Zonealarm Firewall's left overs which were not even found by other System Cleaners

3. Collection of Useful Utilities :

Apart from providing superior uninstallation, Revo Uninstaller Pro/Free version also provides handful of utilities which improves your PC performance.

4. Safe to Use :

Revo Uninstaller is very accurate at what it does. But still one should note that editing and cleaning registry involves many risks. And hence Revo Uninstaller takes several precautionary steps like creating System Restore point, taking backup of registry etc before performing its operations to make sure that user can revert harmful changes, if applied.

Overall, Revo Uninstaller Pro is an excellent uninstallation utility with awesome accuracy at cleaning the undesired items. Installation monitoring and Forced Uninstall features makes it a powerful cleaner. Revo Uninstaller free version, though it lacks few features, much of the Revo Pro’s innovative technology is included into it and hence making it a good free product.

Download : Revo Uninstaller Pro | Revo Uninstaller Free

Giveaway :

A very big thanks VS Revo Group for giving us 20 licenses of  Revo Uninstaller Pro, to giveaway to our readers. These licenses are entitled for updates till next major version i.e. version 3 (current version is 2.5.3). You’ll get an awesome professional support for free and that too for lifetime. I should admit that the support provided by Revo Group is first class and the users of both free and pro versions will get the same world-class support. In fact, this giveaway was started with one support mail. Anyway, in order to enter into this contest, you should do the following steps :

  1. Do anyone of the following (which ever is convenient to you) :
  2. Leave a comment below. (If possible, please leave suggestions on how to improve Revo Uninstaller Pro)

Winners will be declared on 26th September.

PS : Thanks to our friend Ashwin, for helping us in completing the above review.

Winners :

Here is the list of 20 winners.

Congratulations. License keys of Revo Uninstaller Pro will be emailed to you soon. Thanks to one and all who participated in the giveaway.

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  1. sravi says:

    Hi, thank u for the giveaway. Got the license keys.

  2. soon says:

    Thank u very much! It’s my honor to win a license from this site, especially for winning this ultimate uninstaller!

  3. dhaval says:

    Thanks Samuel.

  4. Mikee Mike says:

    Thanks, Samuel 🙂

  5. Bionic says:

    Many thanks to everyone involved & congrats all.

  6. Dacko says:

    Congrats to all the lucky winners! 🙂

  7. gjon says:

    yuuupi! very very thank you!

  8. adam says:

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    Samuel, thank you 🙂 🙂 :).

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  12. Evandro says:

    Hello friends!
    That’s a great program.
    Thanks for this chance to win!
    Have a good week to everyone.

  13. Rajesh Ghadye says:

    Currently i am using Free version of it. It good in removing installation file but not Other folders created to application folder.

    Pro has that feature. I like to see a feature in Pro version that it while uninstalling a program when it scan, it should scan folder created at my documents and highlighting the same in list shown after scanning.

    User Interface is Great. I like to see some more themes in it.

    Thanks TECHISHARE and Revo

    Count me in for it

  14. David J says:

    I followed you on twitter and liked you on facebook, thanks for the chance.

  15. Rafael says:

    Thanks for this giveaway and please count me in.

    PS, Subscribed via email.

  16. blaster says:

    REvo is a great program to uninstall those leftovers of the lazy uninstallers …

  17. Szuri21 says:

    RevoUninstaller is a great program & is simply the best. I use the free version, so please count me in.


  18. Vladimir says:

    I use Revo free, I want to win the Pro version. The newsletter subscribe signed long ago.

  19. corker says:

    Hi Samuel,

    No need to count me in as I already have a Pro license for more than a year. I was just dropping by to see how everyhing goes in here. But now that I am already here, let me use this opportunity to submit a few ideas. 😕

    I tried Total Uninstaller recently and there are several features I’d see Revo has as well. The first one, is changing the installation log name for the monitored programs. Sometimes, people might find themselves putting typos over given names or when they want to overwrite a certain installed program for updates. The second and the most important, is analyzing the installed programs on the list for changes they made on the system, including registry entries, before the uninstallation executed.

    Thank you and congrats for the giveaway! You have 20 licenses to giveaway, ain’t that a huge number? 😉

  20. Alpha says:

    Thanks for this is a great giveaway. I would appreciate if you can count my name for the draw.

    I have been using it for quite some time and since i only use the uninstaller and not the rest of the features, so i won’t be able to suggest much. The only thing i would like to see is automatic scan of leftover items after uninstallation. I seriously don’t think 3 scan options should be there, instead an automatic scan will be better and less complicated.

    Subscribed to email feeds and also following on twitter.


  21. Nintan says:

    Awesome giveaway! Thanks a lot and pls count me in

  22. G Rajesh says:

    waiting is over!!!!
    Thanks TECHISHARE, Great Giveaway, currently use its free version and i am impress with it, i read about its features of pro like Real Time Installation Monitor and Forced Uninstall.
    Love to see Registry cleaner feature separately

    Like to have one license of it
    Count me in for

  23. So I want the uninstaller to have its own unlocker to unlock all the associated files that are being used, to remove the leftovers completely…..

    This comment is merged with the previous comment, in order to maintain continuity.

  24. Moe says:

    I have used the free version of this program for many years…would like to use the pro version.

  25. pramu says:

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    tweeted and followed:!/pramu/status/117281478907408384

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    Revo Uninstaller Pro is the best uninstaller.

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    Great, great program.
    I hope to win this one.


  28. RF says:

    Very good program.
    Please count me in.


  29. paulcrousel says:

    Thanks for this contest and thanks for Revo for providing this opportunity. What else can be included in Revo pro? well may be ascan to say hey before you installed revo there are many uncompleted uninstallation and left over files and reg keys.!/paulcrousel/status/117247546170159104

  30. sumit_g says:

    wow……..thanx for the info! 🙂

  31. sumit_g says:

    @Samuel can’t afford broadband………..LOL

    ps:-*******new kid on the block*********{ME} 😀

    off topic:- btw bro do u know/any idea when Mozilla going to release Firefox 7? m a bit curious! 😛

  32. sumit_g says:

    wow…..this is awesome……………thanx VS Revo Group and techishare for this cool giveaway….used 30 day trail monts ago/curently using the free version,which very good imo……..but pro version is even better……hope to win this giveaway(fingers crossed)……suggesttion:- @VS Revo Group try to add a registery cleaner(i know it cleans the leftover registery after a uninstall,but i need seperate reg cleaner in revo) in next major version and make it portable(lower the price 1 COMPUTER $39.25 is too much ……..may be $29.95 is much more affordable imo….. last but not the least …….try to add more skins……….thanx…….btw @techishare ur sites loads faster on my dial up…… thatz a plus point mate………..good luck all who participated in this giveaway! 🙂

  33. STGSTE says:

    Thank you for the Revo Pro giveaway.
    To add registry cleaning & disk analysis would probably to make Revo Pro become one of the top utility.

    Please count me in for the giveaway contest.

    Thanks & Regards

  34. Walt says:

    I have been using Revo free for a long time. I t is easy to use and it does a thorough job.
    Please include me in this draw.

    Thank you

  35. Bionic says:

    Thanks for review, It’s not very easy writing about these things.
    I’m positive Revo Team will be happy with this accomplishment.

  36. vhick says:

    The program is very powerful. My suggestion is the traced program log be more configurable that you can rename the log files, more powerful in editing the log files by easily delete or undo some of the logs. As an additional function, ability to take a traced program in a series of installation. For example, if you install software packages that install in a series of installations or if you reformat your PC and install all your programs.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  37. pss says:

    Revo Uninstaller is a revolutionary program and it is without dispute, while others fail is that only Revo can help remove stubborn program.
    Thanks for this contest, somehow I do not have the same luck, so I wish you all success.

  38. MerleOne says:

    Count me in please. Thanks. Revo Pro is a great software to keep a clean system.

  39. Lilly says:

    What a wonderful giveaway and well written review.

    Given the way software installs and (worse) uninstalls on MS Windows, Revo Uninstaller is a must-use program, unless one’s into hunting registry entries and leftover folders & files. The Pro version offers a great set of features, plus 64bit support.
    I much prefer portable over installed, so my suggestion is a portable version for Revo Uninstaller Pro.

    Please count me in and thank you for the giveaway. Subscribed via email (hope it counts).

  40. hadylabna says:

    thanks for nice giveaway

  41. Derekuda says:

    I use and love the free version. Interesed in the pro!

  42. azziz07 says:

    Thanks for this soft, Revo has all necessary function to be the default uninstall/install manager for windows, to make it better dont see how, maybe a portable version of revo pro included in the installation exe. Better speed of launching when clicked on the desktop exe.!/azziz07/status/116887330274541568

  43. bala says:

    Yo sam bro subscribed to your blog. Hope i win. Bye.

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    Great giveaway. Please add me to the list of hopefuls who would like to upgrade from the free version to the pro version.

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    Hi, great giveaway count me in. My tweet is:!/k1922h/status/116865382060531712

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    It’s the best uninstaller ! Nothing needs to be fixed !

  47. paul says:

    Rightly stated in the title, it’s the best uninstaller for windows, that’s why i want to be in the draw.

  48. sravi says:

    I had liked your facebook page and posted some comments in the name of subramanian palanichamy. Thank u for the great giveaway. Pl count me in.

  49. tom says:

    I love revo one of the best programs to have on your computer thankyou for a chance to win a copy my best to you.

  50. son says:

    Thank you for the opportunity that is given!

  51. Revo Uninstaller is great

  52. TestGOTD75 says:

    Thanks Samuel for this great giveaway. Please count me in. It is one the best uninstall especially installation monitoring is great feature second to none. I am following you on twitter (TestGOTD75). Hope to see you sweet email soon…

  53. kyros says:

    thanks man i love revo!!!

  54. BTOR says:

    REVO IS GOOD TECHISHARE IS GOOD so this offer is double good please count me

  55. Stefan says:

    one of the best unistaller
    it unistall everything
    great software

  56. giggi says:

    Hi, Everyone! I had revo some years ago. Indeed it was the best uninstaller I’ve ever used. I hope to win the Giveaway this time… Cheers!

  57. John Mat says:

    Wow. one of the best giveaways. Count me in.

  58. PHIL says:


  59. Sorry! Even after a lot of thinking for a day, I could not find anything missing or which can be improved in Revo Uninstaller. Its because it already has everything which we would have otherwise suggested to add or improve. Overall, its the best uninstaller and its very difficult to find any cons. Well as Grr, I would also suggest to make its interface little more attractive. And yes, it would also be better if Revo Uninstaller can stop the computer from restarting when uninstalling certain programs which require a restart. Hence we can even uninstall programs while doing our work like video conversion, rendering or defragmentating the hard drives.
    There were only two responses when I read this review which is very detailed and wonderful. Thanks! And now it has gone to over 80 and I still didn’t got anything in my mind.
    So I am already a follower and subscriber of your site. Thanks a lot for the giveaway! Hope I win one. 🙂

    • Samuel says:

      You are quite right Pradeep. It’s very tough to improve a product like Revo Uninstaller Pro, which is almost perfect. But, we might have come across few situations where we said to ourselves “Ahhh, if Revo had this feature then it’d be awesome!”. But, many of such wishes won’t reach the developers and hence through this platform we can give few suggestions to developers of Revo Uninstaller, and let us help them in making it better and better.

      Giving Feedback/Suggestions isn’t compulsory to win a license, but this is my way of showing gratitude to those awesome developers 🙂 and you guys have given few awesome suggestions. Thanks guys.

      • Haha I knew that suggestion is not compulsory but I feel good to take part in the improvement of the softwares because I have used too many softwares and thus I have gained some experience by which I am able to think something new for the improvement of these programs. Well, whenever I feel something could be improved or added, I frankly contact the developer by mentioning my suggestions in their feedback form. They usually reply or appreciate it and offer me with discounts but I don’t buy it as I m not earning and I don’t even have a bank account. Its my honour if they improve what I suggest and in this way, I further involve myself in further improvement of their products. I think its really a good way to ask for suggestions while giving away products. This way, the developers will come to know what their users want or what they are missing in their products and hence take an effort to improve it so that more and more users get satisfied with their products and gain popularity as a result. The success of a product mostly depends upon the satisfaction of its users. Whatever! So when something new will come to my mind regarding the Revo Uninstaller, I’ll will surely contact the Revo Group. Now I use IObit Uninstaller and so I doesn’t know much about the Revo because I didn’t use much its free version (I like its hunter mode – looks like I m killing the programs by dragging them towards the hunter – a sort of punishment, I feel pity :D) since its pro version works better than the free i.e., uninstalls programs and cleans the system more deeply. Revo is more advanced than IObit but its also true that IObit has no paid uninstaller so its perfect in its own way while still some features could have been added. Well thanks for organizing such a giveaway. Wish you the best. Good Luck. Take Care. Bye. 🙂

        • Samuel says:

          Thanks a lot for taking so much time in sharing your views here.

          “I like its hunter mode – looks like I m killing the programs by dragging them towards the hunter – a sort of punishment, I feel pity :D”

          lol 😀

          BTW, you know what? Revo free and Revo pro are very much same when it comes to uninstallation of installed products. Free version doesn’t clean the debris of already uninstalled products and it won’t monitor installation of products. Except for few other minor differences, both of them are same. Try Revo free, whenever you feel like shifting from IObit (I know its tough ;))

          • Yea! Now I finally got something to say about revo uninstaller. Yesterday I used it to uninstall some 16 to 17 softwares using its portable free version. Well I don’t know whether these features are present in the pro version or not or if it is possible to add them or not, but I’ll mention them here.
            1) While I was uninstalling many softwares, I felt the necessity of the Batch Uninstall feature in which we are asked to check the boxes against the softwares to be uninstalled and then the uninstaller takes care of the rest and uninstalls all the softwares one by one that we have checked. This is present in IObit Uninstaller and even in Glary Utilities but I could not find it in Revo Uninstaller Free.
            2) The uninstaller while uninstalling programs should be able to disable the pop-ups (i.e., the built-in uninstallers open their respective websites in a browser after every uninstall asking for feedback or anything). Its just too annoying when you have to uninstall more than 10 – 20 programs together and you have to close your browser each time a software is uninstalled. This pop-up block feature should be given in preferences, so that we can enable or disable it at any time we feel like as because sometimes feedback is necessary but not every time.
            3) Another pop-up block will also be appreciated in which the built-in uninstallers confirm that whether the user want to completely remove the program or not by displaying “Yes” and “No” options. It is also annoying when we have to uninstall bulk of softwares and everytime answer this question. I know its very difficult to bypass this confirmation message but can be tried once.
            4) Unlock or Kill the associated running processes to remove the leftovers. It means for example – I tried uninstalling EASEUS Todo Backup and the uninstaller almost perfectly removed it but could not remove its leftover program file as there were some little executables in that folder which are associated with backup drivers that were still running in background as I found in the task manager. So I finally used unlocker and unlocked the folder from all processes and thus I was able to delete it manually. While the uninstaller stated that it can only be removed after next restart. And yes I had also said that I want the uninstaller to surpass or escape the restart requested by the built-in uninstallers because in this way we’ll not be able to continue the further process of removing the leftovers.
            So I want the uninstaller to have its own unlocker to unlock all the associated files that are being used, to remove the leftovers completely.
            5) The registry cleaner is also not so perfect i.e., it could not clean completely the registry enteries of the uninstalled softwares. Just for a test, I ran Glary Utilities Pro and it found more 15 – 20 invalid registry enteries associated with the uninstalled software. After that I cleaned it and for further test and confirmation, I ran CCleaner and it still found 2 more in just 3 seconds which even Glary Utilities could not found! Amazing! This shows that the uninstaller is not absolutely perfect in cleaning the leftover registry enteries which must be improved.
            Even I found that most of the times it left the single empty program file folder of the uninstalled softwares however I had checked them and deleted them using the uninstaller. Well IObit is perfect in that (removing completely the program file, not the registry enteries).
            6) The uninstaller stated everytime – Failed to create system restore point. This might be because I was using the portable version but it needs to be improved in the portable version. IObit uninstaller is also portable but it never fails to create a system restore point.
            7) The uninstaller should have an option like Recently Installed so that its easy to navigate through the recently installed softwares to be uninstalled. I found both IObit and Glary have that feature. It would also be better to add two more options – “Large Programs” and “Rarely Used”, so that we can view the rarely used softwares and also the softwares which consume large memory in hard drives.
            So I have mentioned whatever I felt and wanted to say. I also agree that I may not know if any of the feature stated above is already present in Revo Uninstaller Free or Pro version. If so, then please do inform me, and I am sorry for that and for anything that I have missed. Haha my long….review is over now. Thanks for paying an attention to it. Hope it helps. Thankyou! 🙂

  60. rian syah effendi says:

    I’m using its free version right now, and I must say it’s a fantastic software compare to others. I love to have its PRO version license, so I hope this is my luck v^_^v

  61. Jake Pals says:

    I am very interested in this software. I have followed the above instructions to enter the contest. Please consider me as a winner.

  62. Silvester says:

    Nice giveaway.
    It’s good for future Revo to add 1 more feature of showing all files/folders/registry data when uninstalling.

    Please count me in for the contest.

    Thanks & Regards

  63. soon says:

    I am using Revo uninstaller free now, which doesn’t support clean uninstallation of native 64-bit software. It works fine for me so far as not all program installed are 64-bit. However, I would definitely like to win a license of Revo Uninstaller pro which supports uninstallation of both 32-bit and 64-bit programs. If I can add, I would like to see 2 new features in Revo Uninstaller. First, support for removal of directx. I faced the problem of corrupted direct x files and I had to uninstall and reinstall direct x in order to solve that problem. It would be great if I can remove direct x directly by using Revo Uninstaller. 2nd, a context menu editor. although there are some freewares available for this purpose but this would be a great additional feature to Revo as we install many softwares nowadays and most of them would add an option into the right-click context menu which then causes freeze to the computer, esp. when the computer is under heavy use. The ability of Revo Uninstaller in removing registry and file traces of siftwares wouild help to remove certain items from context menu permanently.

  64. zaki says:

    I use the free version of revo uninstaller and I tested the pro with a trial download. I’d really like to have it! Thanks for the chance to get it in this giveaway.

  65. tom says:

    great program, count me in.

  66. Prakash says:

    Thanks Sam for the giveaway , Revo is the best uninstaller i ever used , count me in

  67. Grr says:

    Thanks Sam for the giveaway. Please count me in.
    I’m a subscriber & follow on twitter.

    Ash- nice review.

    Suggestions – the interface had been the same for 2 years for now and there are no updates coming.

    Thanks, Grr

    • Samuel says:

      You are welcome Grr

    • Ashwin says:

      Thanks for the nice giveaway Samuel. I shared it on twitter.

      Count me in

      My suggestions:

      1. Improve the registry backup time while uninstalling (in Pro version)

      2. Add an option to automatically select the “bold items” in the registry entry removal

      or auto-select “safe to delete” registry entries (whitelist). Could help non-techie users

      @Grr I didn’t write this review. Just helped Sam to edit it slightly

  68. scolli says:

    I hope to win this. I am a power down-loader and evaluater, I try programs and uninstall them constantly. i use Revo free to clean up my trials.

  69. yethz says:

    Followed you on twitter & RSS Feeds 😉
    I’d like to have this awesome giveaway, because I do need Revo Uninstaller PRO on my Windows 7, I do a lot of app installation for me to test the application, and I dont really rely on it’s self-uninstaller or from Control Panel > Add or remove programs method.
    Instead I always use Revo UnInstaller to remove all remnants files came with the program and also the registry keys made while using it, and Revo Uninstaller is the great tool to do the JOB done seamlessly and no worries of traces after removed.
    In that way, my system doesn’t get loaded with junk files that comes also with Junk File cleaner.
    Revo Uninstaller is and will be an Awesome tool for every Windows Users that do a lot of installing/removing softwares in their system.
    I recommend this to all even novice users can easily handle this.
    Been using Revo Uninstaller since I got a PC years ago, though I would like to use the PRO version because I’m only using the FREE one and I would like to test the more robust added tools and enhancements in PRO..

    Again, cool giveaways. Thank you very much for sharing this and I can’t resist to join because this is a must have app for everyone.
    Thanks and best regards,

  70. dhaval says:

    Thanks for the Giveaway. Subscribed & Following.
    I like Revo Uninstaller Free Version.
    Count me in.

  71. Mongoplus says:

    Please put my name in for this drawing.

    Thank you for bringing this offer to us.

  72. Bud Gallagher says:

    Great program, would love a Pro license

  73. adam says:

    Revo Uninstaller Pro creates backup copies of deleted registry keys, values, files and folders. This just need.
    Thanks for the contest!/TechIShare/status/116545352647184385

  74. dinosaur07 says:

    excelllent software & awesome contest. pls count me in to win a license. thanks.

  75. ha14 says:

    Thanks for the contest techishare. Great review, A great feature of Revo Pro is the Installation monitoring, some softwares requires a reboot to complete installation, a feature that i would like to see is that revo popup after reboot confirming the success of installation with a detailed log.

  76. sysabi says:

    Thanks for giveaway. I like Revo Unistaler but for me Revo has too many addition. I prefer “clean” and simple software. Please count me.

  77. Richard Gilberg says:

    Great giveaway, count me in. Thanks

  78. Mike says:

    Great giveaway you have here Sam. I think you and Ashwin did a great job on the review and would recommend this software to anyone. Please don’t include me as I already have thanks to hakah.

  79. big-red says:

    Really like Revo Uninstaller free version. I have tried other uninstallers that monitor an installation like ‘Total Uninstall’, but they take too long to complete a scan with a large HDD. Hopefully I’ll get to see if Revo Uninstaller Pro has quicker scan times.

  80. ibheck says:

    This software has indeed been proven to be the best uninstaller application even for the free version, fully supports Windows 7 64-bit, unfortunately the free version does not support full 64 bit windows, I highly recommend this software for windows 7 64 bit users and may I be one of the lucky to get it.

  81. Shubham says:

    Revo uninstaller is best uninstaller but it can be improved further by adding a feature to show decrease in system load if any particular software is unistalled or it should show system load footprints with each uninstall.
    Thanks for hosting this great giveaway.Please count me in.

  82. qwer0 says:

    Its a good soft. Very helpful when some program can’t be fully uninstalled with Windows Add/Remove program. Nothing to improve in my opinion

  83. Pinhead says:


    Please count me in, thanks.


  84. Mystapha says:

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