Screenpresso Updated With Excellent Features – Giveaway 24

We’ve already reviewed an earlier version of this excellent Screen Capturing application Screenpresso and we followed its progress with great interest. As such the development of Screenpresso took a great deal of novelty both in taking good quality of screen capture (Magnifying glass to capture with 1-pixel precision) and also now with high quality of video capture (the free version can only capture a tiny 15 seconds video with branding)  and the ability to share them online. Thus the software aimed to provide the best user experience as possible and I must say they succeeded.

If you already use the Print Screen Button or windows 7 Snipping Tool then you will definitely make Screenpresso your favorite tool for various occasions in work or in your personal life. The zooming feature is useful to see the region where you exactly start capturing so you can avoid capturing extra parts.

With one click you can create a quick note on a captured image with title, tags and description in your favorite application. Just double click on the photo (In Screenshot history) and start editing. Screenpresso also lets you export the image directly into other photo editors, like Paint.Net, Picasa…–,if you have them installed. This will be noticed since they will be integrated in the drop down menu of Edit function.

Like most screenshot apps, Screenpresso sits in your system tray and waits for you to hit a hotkey. But once it takes the screenshot you can very easily save it to another path with Ctrl-S.  There’s a handy little “history” screen which lets you access the source files of all previous screenshots (up to 100 screenshots), so if you’ve messed anything during editing, you can quickly revert to the original image.

Screenpresso features a handy image editor (Ribbon-based menus) that enables you to quickly annotate captured images. Screenpresso also allows you to easily share captured images directly via e-mail (including Outlook, Thunderbird, Gmail…). The free version also allows uploading to FTP, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, Web site (no login required), Evernote (supports multiple Evernote accounts) and Youtube but with branding. Just Configure your account details in the program’s settings, and you’ll be able to share your screenshots, or specify custom script in order to permit multiple file uploads using one file input element and the focus here is to shape a form with multiple file input fields.

You can video capture the entire contents of a web page even if you scroll the window from the elevator. Remember to use  the key combination “ctrl + Shift + prtsc” then left click on your mouse a small window will be opened in order to start taking video and you can choose the size from  320×240(Youtube) to 1680×1050 Full Screen. The employed codec can be defined earlier such as using Screenpresso Codec, Fraps Video Decompressor, Microsoft YUV and many more.

Features of Screenpresso:

  1. capture the entire screen or particular part of screen or window
  2. Save screenshots in PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP formats
  3. Capture Scrolling part thanks to stitching mechanism smart.
  4. Include cursor in your captures with a zoom factor
  5. Magnifying glass to capture with a one pixel precision
  6. Send to Printer with auto fit option
  7. Vector-based editing
  8. Drawing and Editing tools : rectangle, ellipse, numbering…
  9. No installation required
  10. The same exe works natively on both 32 and 64 bits operating systems
  11. Upload to Twitter, Facebook, Evernote, … or specify custom script
  12. Many More

For the long list of Screenpresso features and to compare the free to pro version please look at this link.

Download : Screenpresso free

Giveaway :

First of all, a big thanks to Learnpulse for giving us 5 licenses of the latest version Screenpresso Pro to giveaway to our readers. Now coming to the rules for participation, as usual

  1. Subscribe to us
  2. Leave a comment below, what’s interesting in Screenpresso, how will it help you in your daily computing life and what features do you want to see in future?

Winners will be announced on February 4th, 2011.

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