Enlighten Your Desktop Video Playback With Splash PRO Video Player [Coupon Code + Giveaway]

Windows desktop is not only meant for Work environment but can also be used to enjoy media. Hence, you find so many video players in market. Most of us shift towards freewares, but when you start with HD videos (resolution such as 720p / 1080p) then you start looking for other players because there are very few players that gives life to HD videos. One such is Splash video player. It is available in three versions such as the freeware lite, the shareware Pro and Pro EX. To compare the three versions please visit this link. The crystal-clear picture provided by the technology used in Splash Pro is stunning and you can enjoy your HD video to the fullest. Your Windows desktop will become a mean to share and enjoy your digital media in a comfortable, social environment like as your living room you don’t have to be alone. The video frame crisp details obtained with Splash Pro will turn your desktop monitor to a big screen with smooth motion and vivid colors and excellent sound effects.

Mirillis Splash Pro Video Player

Mirillis Splash Pro Video Player

During installation the software gives you the option to associate some video file formats (AVI, M2T, M2TS, M4V, MOV, MP4, MTS, TS, VOB, M4V, MKV) to the program. Splash player include proprietary Mirillis codecs, that were professionally crafted to support multi-core processors and graphic card hardware acceleration (GPU). These codecs deliver pristine video and audio quality. Splash Pro has a compact and stylish design and has all you expect in motion.

Splash Pro Player toolbar

Splash Pro Player toolbar provides quick access to several functions

Now, hover your mouse to the top portion of the screen and a toolbar with 6 buttons will be revealed. These are Open file, Open folder, Subtitles, Settings, Playback options and HD camcorder.  From the settings menu, you can configure General, Video, Audio, Subtitles and EcoMode, just about everything you would need HDMI bitstream and even subtitle synchronization. It also supports Drag and drop of media files and is capable of rendering 3D playback but only with stereoscopic videos. If you have a video with multiple audio or subtitles then right click on the video and choose Audio Track or Subtitle Track.

Right Click Contest Menu of Splash Pro

Right Click Contest Menu of Splash Pro

Splash PRO can automatically detect AVCHD camcorder if connected to PC and generates playlist. Browse your video files in the playlist with a familiar file structure view or thumbnail view. To open a playlist click on the icon on the right side of Playback control panel or simply use the hotkey P. By default playlist is stored at C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Mirillis.

Screenshots of Playback Options on left and Playlist on right

Screenshots of Playback Options on left and Playlist on right

For best touch of realism, and clarity open Playback options located left of the playback panel or use hotkey O.

Several options are there to be tweaked to great precision:

1) Video:

  • Best Quality:  Convert 1080i video to 1080p for smooth playback.
  • Motion²: Experience smooth video playback converting 24/25/30p to 60p. Set Motion² to level 1-5 to double the video framerate. Set Motion² to level 6-10 for ultra smooth 60p video playback. Best results are obtained with good quality processor. Check this demo. http://downloadmirillis.com/gfx/clips/Motion2_clip01.swf?scale=noscale&tag1=Mirillis%20Motion2
  • Detail Boost: Advanced image post-processing algorithms provide sharp SD content output on HD display and make your HD videos look even better.
  • Light Boost: Intelligent lighting and color enhancement for vivid and bright playback experience.
  • Demo Mode: Will tell you the difference.
Showing Motion 2 Demo mode and Smart Seek feature

Screenshot showing Motion 2 Demo mode and Smart Seek feature

2) Audio:

  • Audio Boost: Boost audio up to 500%;
  • AC-3 DRC: Boost audio volume for better experience on netbooks/laptops.
  • Stereo Downmix, 5.1/7.1 Settings: control individual channel volume for stereo and multichannel audio tracks.

You can manage as many presets as you want for your videos, this will help to change easily the sets of playback options. Splash Pro’s Smart Seek generates thumbnails when you hover your mouse on seek bar, hence helping you to find a specific movie scene without interrupting video playback.

Coming to video playback on laptop, Splash pro has few features that are specially made for laptops. It can play 720p/1080p videos with the help of Mirillis codec through the EcoMode intelligent power management that reduces power consumption and hence increases the video playback time. EcoMode also provide some basic information about the battery, like, battery life, power consumption, etc.

As said earlier, Splash Pro uses GPU Acceleration and also supports following technologies:

Intel Clear Video, ATI Avivo UVD, nVidia Pure Video HD, Broadcom Crystal HD.

Thus taking off load from the CPU. As always there are minimum requirements for details go here.

  • Supported video file types: AVI, M2T, MTS, M2TS, MKV, MKA, MOV, MP4, MPG, TS, M4V, VOB, DIVX, XVID, WMV, MBT.
  • Supported audio file types: MP3, MP2, AAC, M4A.

Splash player has a lite version that you can use it for free forever, also there is a free 30 day trial version of every Mirillis product (Splash PRO, PRO EX or Action!). There is so much to see about this player, so now download Splash Pro from the link below and experience beauty of motion picture yourself.

Download : Splash Pro

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