Stuf, Lets You Share Clipboard Content Between Multiple Computers Over A Network [Giveaway 47, Mac + Windows]

Computer users often needs the help of clipboard in order to save some information then to paste it elsewhere on documents and sometimes even to share over a network. Although Clipboard is a great practical utility, we all know that Windows/Mac standard clipboard do not store more than one information at a time. It soon gets deleted if another information is copied. Clipboard managers are better since you can restore information that otherwise might be lost forever and you can almost instantly access the recently (or older) copied clips, so you can literally work faster and be productive! One such clipboard manager is Stuf, it has many useful features along with some unique ones.

Stuf Main Interface

Stuf Main Interface

Installation of Stuf is easy and soon the Black Shadow (Opacity can be configured) window will be ready to host clipboard items. Right click on Stuf systray icon and you can activate Go Incognito mode (To not save items in Stuf) or choose Preferences to tweak configuration such as from the General Tab you can be notified by Clipboard Updates if modified by other users or to choose adding items into System Clipboard rather in the Shared Clipboard.

Stuf is a clipboard manager and it supports both text and image. Cutting and pasting is better in Stuf since it uses DropBox to share the clipboard content between multiple machines, after making a /Stuf/{Name}/ directory per machine, both computers will share the clipboards back and forth. This is very useful especially for organizations and for those who work in groups, for e.g. if software developers needs to share code snippet etc. then they can use Stuf to share code easily over network. You can also create multiple clipboards so that you can store certain snippets that you might want to use in future or not to share with others.

  • First create a new Collection (new clipboard) by pressing the + sign located on the top left of the main interface or press the Spacebar on the keyboard. .
  • Give your collection a name, such as ‘Perso Clipboard’ and choose a folder path to save your collection.
  • You can choose an image to represent this Collection. Press ‘OK’ to confirm.
  • In your DropBox account, go to the ‘Sharing’ tab, and press the ‘Share a folder’ button. Choose the Shared Folder and Invite others for sharing.

Myself didn’t tested this network sharing/synchronizing feature since I have only one pc but many of you will be delighted with this feature if you are working in such an environment where you have to quickly forward pieces of text or images to each other or just to update clipboard history for their own computers which are connected over network etc.

Stuf Features :

  • Providing a memory and browsing history
  • Enjoy the freedom of using copy/paste operations across your wired or wireless network.
  • Use the program to share clippings between Macs and PCs.
  • Share clippings with other Stuf users around the world.
  • Access your stored clippings easily.
  • Save valuable time by not emailing text to yourself or using Flash drives.

Requirements :

  • At least 512MB of RAM
  • Mac OS X Snow Leopard or Lion (Recommended)
  • Windows 7 for Windows Version

Stuf enhances computer clipboard functionality beyond the basic cut and paste. Stuf is the right Stuff in the Shadow of the Moon and we will not stop dreaming the travelling clipboard over the network space. Stuf manages your clipboards, shares them, and gives you quick access, and records your clippings automatically. DropBox can sync a collection of files, but it won’t give you the convenience of Stuf. So, download your trial version from this link :

Download : Stuf

Giveaway :

Thanks to the developers of Stuf for giving us 10 licenses (5 – Windows and 5 – Mac) to giveaway to our readers. So, dear readers if you are interested in winning a free license of Stuf, then do the following :

  1. Subscribe to us
  2. Leave a comment below regarding why you want Stuf. Also, mention the version (i.e. Mac or Windows or either of them) in which you are interested in.
  3. Follow us on Twitter or Like us on Facebook. (Optional)
P.S : Winners will be announced on 18th September.

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