A list of Bandwidth Savers

Saving bandwidth on my broadband account is a big hurdle that I face every month. Sometimes I successfully use broadband within my limit and sometimes I have to pay double the amount because of my excess usage. This is one of the reasons why I am not regular at posting for the past few days. In order to save my bandwidth I use some tools especially extensions for my firefox that saves bandwidth and if you are also on a limited broadband plan then this list might help you.

For Firefox users: These extensions can help you save bandwidth.

  • ImgLikeOpera : It blocks images on any webpage you visit. Apart from blocking images it also allows those images that are already saved on your computer (cache). This plugin is yet to be updated to work with latest Firefox 3.6.
  • AdblockPlus : Advertisements on webpages are one of my main bandwidth eaters. AdblockPlus blocks these ads effectively, not automatically though, you have to manually block ads for the first time and the next time onwards AdblockPlus will block those Ads for you.
  • Flashblock : This add-on blocks every flash content on any page. It replaces that flash content with a button and when you click that button then that flash content will be loaded.

For Opera users :

By default Opera browser has the option to block images. So no extra plugins are needed.

Block images in Opera

Block images in Opera

The only other bandwidth eaters are flash contents. You can block flash content in Opera too and this how you can do it.

  • Step 1 : Download Flashblocker for opera from here (Thanks to A.Ruzanov for coding this javascript).
  • Step 2 : Extract Flashblocker and copy Flashblocker.css to the Opera CSS directory. For Opera 10.10 the CSS directory is

    C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\Opera\Opera\styles\user\

    I recommend you to see the Opera about page (In opera tab bar, Help\About Opera) for exact CSS directory.

  • Step 4 : Create a folder with name userjs in C:\Program Files\Opera\ and copy Flashblocker.js to C:\Program Files\Opera\userjs\
  • Step 5 : Now open Javascript options from Tools>Preferences>Advanced>Content and add userjs path i.e. C:\Program Files\Opera\userjs\to User Javascript folder and click OK.
  • Step 6 : The last and final step is, to close your opera and reopen it. Select Flash Blocker from View>Style in tab bar. Opera will block all flash content now.
Flashblocker in action

Flashblocker in action

For Google Chrome users :

You can block images in Chrome using a user javascript and you can found that tutorial here. To block flash content, there are extensions for Chrome such as FlashBlock.

If you are an IE or Safari user, I strongly recommend you to shift to anyone of the above browsers. Main reasons…Security…Flexibility…and may be I’ll talk about this in next post if you want….

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