Add Google Translator to your Gmail

Do you receive emails in a language that you don’t understand? Then, today we are going to solve that problem…

Most of us use emails in our daily life. If you have business then you’ll get a lot of emails from your customers. And some of your customers may use their native language in their emails. What if you don’t understand their language? How will you manage to assist them? OK, I know that you are smart and you’ll use Google Translator or Babel Fish for translation purpose. But what if you get hundreds of such emails? It will be a boring and tiresome job to copy and paste each and every mail and then translate.

Such situations are not only restricted to business people, even in our personal life, we may come across emails that are in other language. For example consider myself only. I love freebies and free promotions a lot. Recently many German software magazines and portals have given freebies. Many of those promotions needs an email address in order to send you a license key or further details. When I open those emails, believe me I don’t even understand a single word written in there. Because those emails are in German and I don’t understand German. Copying and pasting those mails in Google translator everytime is not an efficient way to solve this problem.

So what I did is, I have enabled Google Translator extension in Gmail through Google Labs. Voila, I can now translate all such emails to English in one-click and that too from inside my Gmail account!

Google Translator in GmailThe good thing about this plugin/extension is that, it automatically detects the language. Just click that View translated message link and it will translate that email in a second.

You too can add this extension to your Gmail in following way :

  1. On top-right, click Google labs icon, next to your email.
    Google Labs Message translation
  2. Now find this Message translation extension and enable it.Gmail Message Translation

That’s it. Now you too can translate those Greek and Latin emails within your Gmail.

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