Easily Add More Items to Send To Context Menu

Many of us use Send To sub menu, that is available in right click context menu, to copy items to USB drives (this way we save several clicks), Compressing items etc. By default, the Send to submenu has the following :

  • Desktop
  • CD/DVD-RW drives
  • ‘Compressed (zipped) Folder’
  • Documents
  • Fax Recipient
  • Mail Recipient and USB disk drives are also shown when connected.

Normal options in the Send to menu are limited but there is an easy way to get access to more targets (Windows 7) without using a third party application. All you need to do is press and hold the Shift key on keyboard and then right click on a folder/file and then hover over Send to menu. Now you can see that more items (My Documents, Links, Favorites, Contacts…) are revealed. This list vary from a PC to PC depending on installed software and directory structure.

In Windows XP, users have to put their chosen items in the Send to folder in their profile. The folder is hidden, so the “do not show hidden files and folders” option is to be turned off in windows.

Go to Run and type shell:sendto (Note that Windows XP don’t use shell term) or else, copy and paste this path %APPDATA%\Microsoft\Windows\SendTo into explorer window and hit enter. This will open the Send to folder containing normal targets. If you want more locations in Send to menu then just create a shortcut. You can do this by right-clicking on a blank area and then New > Shortcut, now give the path of the folder and a shortcut to that folder will be created.

You can also add applications to Send to menu. For instance, I opened my HippoEdit installed folder then dragged and dropped HippoEdit.exe to Send to folder and this action was reflected in the submenu of Send to option where HippoEdit now can be found. You can remove the items from Send to by just deleting the shortcut from the Send to folder.

Menu changes is important and increase productivity by upgrading and needs are there, the Microsoft way to add or delete context menu can be a heavy exercise but a search in the internet reveals some interesting software on how to modify Send to submenu, some software are standalone others are included in right click context menu modifiers. This will help to add any folder in the shell easily.

Till now we’ve manually edited the Send To menu. We can easily edit the Send To menu via softwares. Using these softwares will eliminate drag and drop action and to use Send to in an easy way. Let us discuss few free softwares which achieve this :

Send To Toys :

Send To Toys is freeware utility. It consists of small programs that will be added to Send to submenu upon installation of the software. Users can choose which shortcuts (Send To “Quick Launch), Send To “Folder…”…) to be created in the Send to folder for each of the tasks by checking the corresponding case. The software adds some default locations to the Send To menu and also two items to the context menu itself : Add To Send To menu & Remove From Send To menu. Adding a folder to Send to menu is as simple as – right clicking on the folder and click Add To Send To menu. It comes with various other useful features which we leave for you to explore 🙂

Download : Send to Toys

Right Click Enhancer :

Right Click Enhancer (portable version is also available) has also an option regarding Send to configuration. This utility includes Send To Manager through which we can add shortcuts to Send to menu of any folder, important for daily tasks. Clicking on Send To Manager will pop up a small configuration screen and from the Option tab you can activate the Add To Send To menu. This adds Add To Send To menu item to right click context menu, so as to make it easier to add shortcuts to Send to menu.

Download : Right Click Enhancer

FileMenu Tools :

FileMenu Tools is another right click menu enhancer and has a special Send to tweaking feature. Upon installation this software will detect the usual Send to items located natively but apparently there is the possibility to detect other Explorer’s Send To menu added by different programs. FileMenu Tools will tweak and customize Send to menu to suit your needs

Download : FileMenu Tools

We hope that this introduction will guide you through the customization process and will help adding shortcuts in there to all kinds of folders, FTP-server folders, Dropbox (Quick adding can be found here https://github.com/ldhertert/Send-To-Public-Dropbox#readme)… creating  this magical Send to menu will make your daily tasks easier by providing direct access to various sources.

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