Comodo Dragon vs Google Chrome

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Comodo, a well known security company has recently released a new browser called Comodo Dragon. Comodo says that Comodo Dragon is

Fast and versatile Internet Browser based on Chromium, infused with Comodo’s unparalleled level of Security!

We already know that Google Chrome has topped in all recent browser tests and is also the only unhacked browser in a hacker competition. So, no doubt it has better security than many other web browsers. Comodo says that it has enhanced the security of a browser which is already secure. So, guys if you have a phobia of wanting to be secure then this browser may help you.

The reason why I recommend this browser only to few people (who are security paranoids) because it has few drawbacks. The main drawback is that Comodo Dragon runs on an outdated version of Chrome! You can’t use extensions! For browsers like Firefox and Chrome, extensions are crucial and being unable to use extensions is pointless.

Difference between Google Chrome and Comodo DragonThe second reason is regarding SSL certificate identification. Comodo highlights this feature and says

Comodo Dragon has Domain Validation technology that identifies and segregates superior SSL certificates from inferior ones

But to me it looks like Google Chrome handles SSL certificates in a better way than Dragon. I tried to signup for Dreamhost webhosting using both Comodo Dragon and Google Chrome. Google Chrome worked fine and the Dreamhost’s signup page was loaded fine. But Dragon says Dreamhost is not verified and is not safe.

Comodo Dragon vs Google ChromeSo, guys I recommend Google Chrome over Comodo Dragon for above said reasons. Use Comodo Dragon at your own risk, because you may lose those 1500 new features that are added to new Google Chrome!

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9 Responses

  1. Guest says:

    I use Comodo Dragon and I also have been using Google Chrome. Comodo Dragon has a faster browsing experience and has worked well for me. When I used Google Chrome on another computer, it had many errors that appear insolvable. When I used chrome on the other computer, it appeared slower and more unstable than Dragon.

  2. ashish says:

    comodo and chrome are just like twin brothers

  3. Fred Basterson says:

    The main drawback is that Comodo Dragon runs on an outdated version of Chrome! You can’t use extensions!

    Why do you lie for? Did you get mad at comodo for something? Or do you just love Google Chrome so much you hate anything competing? Comodo does not use a outdated version of chrome, They just number their versions differently. (SRWare Iron numbers there browser versions a bit different too.) Comodo Dragon works perfect with all Chrome Extensions. When I was interested in using a chrome based browser, I tried Dragon and Iron. I tried those two because I don’t like Google basically adding legal spyware on my computer. I pay for anti-spyware software on my computer to keep spies out! not to keep them in. Even if they are just Google, and they promise they are not sharing my info, I still do not want them looking at my account numbers or anything.
    Anyway both browsers worked perfect with extensions, and with loading pages and had great speed. I favored Iron over all the Chrome based Browsers. But since Opera 11.10 came out I dumped Iron and the chrome base for good.

  4. I am using Comodo dragon on one of my 2 Netbooks,the other has Google Chrome. and you mentioned in your post that you could not get onto an SSL certificate site in Comodo Dragon.
    But I have not had any problem. It let me onto Metacafe but when I went to the log in page of Metacafe It showed a warning-unsafe site like you described. And showed two options I could click back to safety or proceed. And because I knew the site I clicked proceed and it let me onto the log in page and let me log in,no problem.

    All Comodo Dragon does is warn you about the site but it does block it or stop you visiting it. If you do get such a warning about a site and you are sure of the site,just click proceed and it will let you on it.

    But the browser warns you about a risky site before you visit unlike Google Chrome that will just go straight to a dodgy site without warning you first. Andrea Borman.

    • Samuel says:

      Thanks for sharing your experience with Comodo Dragon. This post was an year old one, and the chrome has got better and better in this one year. Recently I didn’t tried comodo dragon. Nice to know that its working well for you….

  5. ha14 says:

    I think this can be good to run from usb key, since it should consume less memory

  6. I thinks comdo dragon had copied from good features of chrome

  1. August 18, 2011

    […] year, I published an article comparing Comodo Dragon and Google Chrome (link) when Comodo Dragon web browser was first released. Even today, many people read it. Thanks to […]

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