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Many of us watch videos online on sites like Youtube and listen to music. Sometimes we want to know the interests of other persons that share same taste and interest in music/video genre like us. Having a tool that can unify this purpose is ideal for fast interaction and if integrates with online social media then the circle of friends will be lager and worldwide. ListnPlay is such a web service. It is an online music & video search platform and hence no special software is required to install on the PC.  A simple registration will let the users to create, manage and share playlists.

After sign in the web interface will be better dedicated for the media purpose. In the upper bar there are tools like search function, volume bar and playback plus on the right side buttons for Shuffle, Repeat, Share and Suggest/Report. Below of this bar the screen interface is divided into 3 columns:

  • Left side: See latest and popular Clips, Playlists, Albums.
  • Middle Side: Favorites and User Playlist editing tools.
  • Right side: Media Player and beneath is located recommendations area.

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Creating playlists is simple. Say, I want to search for Herrschaft  – Tesla using search function. This will quickly furnish the results with thumbnail of videos. Now, dragging the video to the middle screen will create playlist. Continue to search for other videos to add to the current playlist and to finalize it. Now click on Save and give a name such as Herrschaft  – Tesla (2008). There is an option to make the playlist anonymous, then click create. The new playlist will appear under Favorite. Now clicking on a video file will launch internal Youtube player, apparently playing the video in full screen is not supported (Yet!) in Firefox. If you wish to share the playlist or the video then click on dedicated Share button and you have diverse popular social media integration  such as Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Digg This etc.

There I also Facebook Social Plugin option ( that is located on the bottom right of the interface, upon clicking on it will open the right webpage and display all available plugins. The aim of this is that the Social plugins will let you see what your friends have liked, commented on or shared on sites across the web.

Now during a Saturday Night Fever and with a good internet connection, can host a good worldwide party and every one can bring their own playlist to share. Before this event go to the below link and grab a place for you.

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  1. Tommy says:

    You have got to check, another site that does YouTube music video streaming made into playlists but with a social touch. Worth a try.

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