Extract individual pages from PDF

Want to extract individual pages from a PDF and don’t know how to do it? Then here is a simple trick with which you can easily extract individual pages from PDF and save them as Doc, Docx, Pdf etc.

PDF (Portable Document Format), is one of the popular format for sharing documents digitally. Especially ebooks are published in PDF formats and as always, books contains important information and unimportant ones too. So, if you want to extract important pages and save them as documents then here is a simple trick which works.

Briefly the trick goes like this. When you print a PDF on paper then you get a chance to choose what papers (by mentioning page numbers) you want to print. If we could manage to have a virtual printer which lets you save the extracted pages as PDF then the problem is solved. Luckily we have best free virtual printer called doPDF. So before proceeding the steps below, download doPDF from this link and install it. Follow the procedure below to extract pages from PDF.

  1. Open the PDF file with your favorite PDF reader, like Adobe Reader, Foxit Reader etc. Select File>Print (short cut Ctrl+P).
  2. Now, select doPDF as printer. If you have MS Office, then you can select MS OneNote also.Extract pages from PDF
  3. Select the required pages or range of pages and hit OK. Now doPDF will save those extracted pages as PDF.save extracted pages as pdf

It is simple. No other softwares are needed to extract individual pages from a PDF. If you have a much simpler procedure, then share it with us. We like to learn new ways.

P.S. : This procedure works with other operating systems also. Linux like Ubuntu includes in-built PDF printer, so no other software is necessary.

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10 Responses

  1. Gmissrena says:

    Every time I try this I get an error saying page could not be printed

  2. MeMe says:

    Thanks alot for the tip, dopdf worked like a charm:D
    Thanks AGAIN!!!!

  3. thanx for important info.

  4. Jeanjean says:

    Nova PDF do it also.
    I use “PDF-XChange PDF Viewer” to open PDF-files and when your PDF is open with this soft, do one right-clic and choose in the menu…
    – “Export to image” to choose the page you want and the sort of image you want.
    – “Print” and choose NovaPDF (or Do PDF, or…) as printer.

  5. Irish says:

    Note: I can do the same trick by opening the original PDF with PDF Sumatra and from it “printing” or saving just a single page or range of pages with PrimoPDF. Adobe Reader doesn’t allow it.

    So I don’t need to install doPDF.

    • Samuel says:

      Thanks for sharing the info Irish. PrimoPDF is similar to doPDF. It also adds a virtual printer. Hence, whatever the software may be, the trick goes the same. So, a virtual printer is necessary.

      I am also looking for a much simpler alternative. Once I find it I’ll share it with you.

  6. Irish says:

    Thanks, I’ve been looking for something like this.

    Although it means installing another virtual printer (I prefer PrimoPDF and NitroPDF Pro — depending on the level of work), I have yet to find a simpler solution to isolate a page or a range of pages from a lengthy digital document.

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