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The use of cameras, computers etc have become very common these days. This is a good thing, as most of us are able to capture special moments of their lives, holiday trips etc without wasting money in hiring a photographer. But, on the otherside of the coin, we are now seeing many incidents where people are losing thousands of photos due to unexpected hard disk failures and crashes. Thats why, it is good to have a local backup copy, but it is better to have redundant backup copies to face the worst case.

Taking redundant backup copies is not tough these days. There are numerous free image hosting websites using which you can freely make redundant backup copies online. You can find all sorts of companies, in this business, big (E.g. Yahoo, Google), small and even startups. But, you’ll we find one thing in common in all these services, that is, the limitations/terms of use of the free service. So, before choosing the service it is better to analyze the limitations and then choose the one that suits your requirements. But, going through the limitations of each service is painful task, so we decided to help you. In this article, we’ve compared 7 different free photo sharing websites. Even though some of the services provide paid plans, we just restricted ourselves to the free plans.

Below, you can find two comparison tables (we’ve divided the comparison table into two to make it more readable). Mostly, home users (amateur photographers) and webmasters (bloggers) use these photo sharing websites, so at the end of each comparison table we’ve added remarks on that service to help you in making the decision.

1. Comparison between Flickr, Fotki, ImageShack and Imgur :

Comparing Flickr, Fotki, ImageShack and Imgur
      Flickr       Fotki  Imageshack       Imgur
Disk Space 300MB/Month 3000MB (Starts with 1000MB and then additional 200MB every month) Maximum of 500 files (of any size) can be uploaded into ones account. Unlimited
Bandwidth per month 300MB 110MB 8GB per day. (confirmed after talking to Fotki representative) Unlimited Not mentioned (May be unlimited)
Size Limit per file 15MB No 5MB 1MB
Limit on Photo Dimensions/Quality No No No If size of the image is more than 1MB, then its quality reduced until it becomes less than 1MB
Direct linking Allowed? Possible, but not straight forward. Yes Yes Yes
Permanent Hosting? No. Photos may be deleted if they are inactive for 90 consecutive days. May be (As no information regarding deletion is specified at Fotki.) Yes No. Images that are inactive for 6 consecutive months will be deleted.
Support for Mobile Devices Supports Android, iPhone & Windows Phone No. Has an iPhone app. No
Privacy (Option to make images invisible to public) Yes. Yes Yes Yes
Remarks Flickr should be fine for home users who want to backup photos. But, for webmasters 300MB bandwidth won’t be sufficient. Fotki terms aren’t clear. Please read their Full Help file first, as the limits are hidden in it. Help File is outdated now. Everything is fine, except for the 500 files per account limit :( . Imgur is best for webmasters. But, for home users I won’t recommend it as the quality of image is reduced considerably.

2. Comparison between Photobucket, Picasa Web Albums and Tinypic :

Comparing Photobucket, Picasa and Tinypic
    PhotoBucket       Picasa Web Albums           Tinypic
Disk Space Unlimited (for non-commercial only) 1GB limit for photos whose pixel size is greater than 800×800. Small images are not counted under this limit. Also number of photos shouldn’t exceed 10,00,000. Not mentioned (May be unlimited)
Bandwidth per month 10GB Not mentioned. (Unlimited may be) Not mentioned (May be unlimited)
Size Limit per file 5MB 20MB As pixel size of the photo is limited to 1600, image size is also reduced.
Limit on Photo Dimensions/Quality Photo dimensions are limited to 2048×1536 px and less. Size of photos must be less than 50 megapixels (i.e. 51200 px) Pixel size of the photo must be less than 1600, if not image size will be automatically reduced to 1600 or less.
Direct linking Allowed? Yes Yes Yes
Permanent Hosting? Yes Yes No. Photos may be deleted if they are inactive for 90 consecutive days.
Support for Mobile Devices (in form of Apps) Supports Android, iPhone, Windows Phone & BlackBerry. Many 3rd apps are available for Android, iPhone and Blackberry. No
Privacy (Option to make images invisible to public) Yes Yes No. All images are publicly accessible and there is no way to make them private.
Remarks Photobucket is perfect for most of the webmasters and home users. But, free account will not be sufficient for professional photographers (whose photos are of large size) and webmasters of popular websites (where 10GB bandwidth isn’t sufficient) 1GB Disk space of picasa may not be sufficient for professional photographers, but for webmasters, 800×800 pixel size is very lenient limitation. Tinypic, is from the makers of Photobucket. As of now, registrations for new Tinypic accounts are halted and are being redirected to photobucket. So, once an image is uploaded you can’t delete it and more over there is no way to make images private. So, Tinypic is a big NO for home users, as there is 0% privacy.

Conclusion :

All these services are great. But, it is better to avoid Flickr, Imgur and Tinypic as there are chances of your files being deleted. Now, the final decision is yours. I hope I did my best to let you know the pros and cons of each service, so now you can easily decide the best service that suits your needs.

PS : If there is any mistake in the above data or if there is any suggestion from your side, then please let us know by commenting below.

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