Fix Remote Device Or Resource Won’t Accept The Connection Error With Microsoft Fixit 50195

It is very annoying to find out that internet connection is lost after uninstalling internet privacy software such as Proxy based tools, Internet VPN etc. We cannot have a Windows desktop without internet access, to confirm that is not only related to IE we tried to run other installed browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Opera and we confirmed that it’s a general problem not linked to a specific internet navigator.

Windows Network Diagnostics didn’t help to fix the problem but gave the following message :

The Remote Device Or Resource Won’t Accept The Connection.

The Remote Device Or Resource Won’t Accept The Connection.

So, I went to run and typed cmd then launched with administrative rights and typed

netsh int ip reset C:\resetlog.txt

Restarted PC and found that it didn’t fix the problem.

While looking deep into my files I noticed that, I had saved a copy of Reset Internet Explorer Settings (MicrosoftFixit50195). So, I clicked on it and followed the wizard and after reboot I found that my internet connection was re-established. Be aware that this will reset internet explorer to default settings and all plugins will be removed but bookmarks will still be there.

So, before installing some Internet privacy software such as VPN and to face problems like us, it would be better to download a copy of Reset Internet Explorer Settings (MicrosoftFixit50195) from this link to stay on safe side.

Download : Microsoft Fix it 50195

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  1. cam
    Posted June 6, 2014 at 8:20 PM | Permalink

    Thanks a lot, I fixed my problem in this approach. The problem showed when I installed the vnc and teamviewer…

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