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Today I wanna tell you some  truths about software that we use daily. For example, take the category of browsers. Firefox says it is secure and so is the case with Safari, IE, Google Chrome etc. So what’s the truth?

The truth is Google Chrome is very secure when compared to other three browsers. Yeah, the new comer is better than Firefox but Firefox doesn’t give up. Here is a short glance over a competition (PWN2OWN) that took place between hackers who came around the world to hack the 4 browsers IE 8, Safari, Firefox and Google Chrome. Hackers never lie and they show you what they say. They hacked every browser and at last they said which browser is tough to crack. So let’s hear from hackers themselves.

Firefox is tough to Hack :

For all the browsers on operating systems, the hardest target is Firefox on Windows.

These are the words of Charlie Miller who hacked Mac with 10 seconds. Though he says it is tough to hack it doesn’t mean that it is secure. When we see what makes Mozilla boast Firefox as secure browser is that their follow up after the vulnerabilities are found. Mozilla agreed that the exploit used by hackers at PWN2OWN are critical and they released Firefox update with in two days. This is good news for Firefox users.

Google Chrome Unhacked :

It’s really hard.  They’ve got that sandbox model that’s hard to get out of.

Pro hacker Charlie Miller says that Google Chrome has bugs but they are tough to exploit. So watch out for Chrome a new competitor already has made it intentions clear to their rival browsers.

Is there anything for Safari and IE fans ?

A recent study on Web browsers by NSS Labs say that IE 8 outperforms others when IE 8 is used with SmartScreen Filter which is new phishing filter embedded in IE 8. Safari also performed well. A last twist here, all these hacking contests and these web browser study is based on Safari 3.1. But Apple released the beta version of the successor of Safari 3 i.e. Safari 4. Let’s hope Safari 4 gains the name of not only being fastest browser but also safest browser.

Sources : ZDNet

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