How-to : Directly Go To The Oldest Mails In New Gmail Interface

It has been sometime since Google has rolled out the new interface to its multiple products (Gmail, Google Apps etc). But, still some people are struggling with the new interface (At least I am). Mainly because of Google’s obsessiveness to simplicity. Simplicity is good, but Google went too far with this new interface and some useful functions were completely hidden. You don’t know that such functions exist until you hover over them. One such useful features are the Older and Oldest permalinks that help us to go to the oldest emails.

Older and Oldest Links in Gmail's old interface

Older and Oldest Links in Gmail's old interface

In the new interface you don’t find those links, because they are hidden under the page numbers. As I don’t know about that hidden function, I used to go on clicking the next page button, until I am on the last page. This would be very painful task especially if you have several thousands of emails. Don’t worry, from now it’s going to be past, as you are going to know the easy way to find the oldest mails.

Method 1 :

Drop down lets you go to oldest mails

In the new interface, click/hover the mouse on page numbers. Now, you’ll see a drop down with an option “Oldest” using which you can go to the oldest mails.

[Thanks to ditoweb]

Method 2 :

There is another method to view to the oldest mails. After you login to your Gmail the URL will look like this :

Now append this text to the URL : “/p3000” (without quotes). Final URL should look like this :

Then, hit Enter on keyboard. So, by adding /p3000 to the URL, we are actually telling Gmail to go to Page number 3000. Now, Gmail will try to find the page number 3000 (You must have at least 300000 emails in your inbox to have 3000 pages). Usually, many of us won’t have so many emails, so when Gmail finds that such page number doesn’t exist, it’ll forward you to the last page with oldest emails. Thus you can view the oldest emails easily. This method is useful if method 1 doesn’t work, due to browser issues.

PS : You can use any number other 3000. Just make sure that it is large enough and doesn’t exist, so that Gmail can forward you to the last page of your inbox.

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  1. bala says:

    Hey sam where are you nowadays. Cant seem to find you. Even i despise the new Gmail UI. IT is sluggish. I think im gonna revert back. Just found that hidden option to revert back.

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