How to : Install Irfanview on Ubuntu 9.10

Irfanview, my favorite photo editor and viewer is unfortunately not available for other operating systems except Windows. But thanks to Wine! with which we  can install Irfanview on Ubuntu. I already made a tutorial on how to install Irfanview on Ubuntu 9.04 here.

I assume that you have Irfanview installer (windows version) with you. If not you can download latest Irfanview from here.

Follow these steps to install Irfanview on Ubuntu 9.10, Karmic Koala :

  1. Install Wine. Fire-up your terminal and type this command

    sudo apt-get install wine

    and hit enter.

  2. Download winetricks script from here (Right click and save). There are many other versions of this script. Only install the version that I mentioned here.
  3. On my Ubuntu, the downloaded script is saved in Downloads folder. Now to open it I used this command in terminal

    sh /home/samuel/Downloads/winetricks

    and hit enter. Depending on the location of the downloaded script you have to change the path in the above command.

  4. A new window will be opened which allows you to install the packages listed there.
    Winetricks script window
    Now from the list of packages shown, select comctl32 and mfc42 and click OK. These two files will be installed now.
  5. Phew! here is the last step of this tut. Browse the downloaded irfanview installer. Right click on it and install with wine.

That’s it. Irfanview is now installed on your Karmic Koala.

Note : The old tutorial worked for some people only.For others there has been a lot of confusion, for example, one of our dear reader Jorge pointed out that that tutorial didn’t worked and also gave me some tips and other softwares on Ubuntu which work in a similar manner as Irfanview works. So, now I corrected my mistakes and I hope that this tutorial don’t confuse you. If you have any problem them please comment your problem below.

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