How To View and Convert NEF Image Files

Recently, I was working on a client’s website and came to a phase where I have to add slideshow, showcasing the photos of their college. They gave me some images that are in NEF format. I came across these NEF images for the first time and no application on my Windows 7 was able to open it. After Googling for a while I came to know that NEF is the proprietary format of Nikon cameras.

How to View NEF Image files :

In order to view NEF image files you have to first install their NEF codec. The NEF codec will let you open the images in Windows Photo Viewer or Windows Live Photo Gallery.

Download : NEF Codec

How To Convert NEF Image files to Other formats (JPG, PNG etc) :

NEF Codec will only lets you view the images in the Windows Photo Viewer or Windows Live Photo Gallery only. No other 3rd party applications will be able to process images with NEF format. Hence, converting those images is difficult, because Windows Photo Viewer don’t have any conversion feature and Live Photo Gallery can only save photos in JPG format.

If you want to convert NEF to JPG then Windows Live Photo Gallery is all you need. But, if you want to convert to other formats or if you want to convert images in batch mode, then you can make use of Irfanview.

Batch Convert NEF Images using Irfanview

Batch Convert NEF Images using Irfanview

By default Irfanview doesn’t support NEF format. But, it has a plugin pack using which it can process those images. This plugin pack has to be installed separately and its download link can be founded below. After installing this plugin pack you can make use of the batch conversion feature of Irfanview to convert NEF image files into any format.

Download : Irfanview || Irfanview Plugin pack

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