Opera 11.50 Gets New Sleeky Design

Opera has rolled down a new update to its browser on all major platforms i.e. for Windows, Mac and Linux. With this new update Opera wants show its power and following to the world with a Firefox-like download counter.

Let us see if Opera can beat 4.7 million download record of Firefox 4

Opera 11.50 comes with new minimal interface plus enhancements to security and stability. With new interface, it offers more space for webpage so that we can view more content without scrolling.

Opera 11.50 with new icon set

Let us see notable changes in Opera 11.50 in their words :

  1. Opera 11.50 uses the new Opera Presto 2.9 rendering engine
  2. More HTML 5 and CSS features added.
  3. Brand new toolbar icon set
  4. Brighter, softer colors for backgrounds and borders
  5. Updated status bar design and content
  6. The Home and Fast Forward buttons are now optional
  7. Opera extensions can now share cookies with the browser.
  8. Opera Link with password synchronization
  9. Improved the Gmail IMAP support and many more….

You can view the full list of Opera 11.50 changelog here.

If you are using Opera, then this update is a must have, as it fixes stability and security issues and adds a lot of visible enhancements.

Download : Opera 11.50

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2 Responses

  1. Ayhan says:

    Opera is beautiful and fastest browser.

  2. TRY says:

    All I can say is Awesome.I have fallen in love with Opera all over again.Hope they give Chrome and Firefox and IE9 a huge competition.

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