Slick RSS: A Full Fledged RSS Reader for Google Chrome

Many of us follow RSS feeds to get latest information from around the web and many browsers come with built-in RSS readers. But  not Google Chrome. Despite being the most popular browser on market it doesn’t support RSS feeds. Hence, many chrome users rely on extensions to read feeds. There are many extensions that add RSS support to Chrome. But, most of them just notify you about new articles, but won’t let you read them. Only few RSS readers lets you do so and Slick RSS is one such extension.

Reading Feeds with Slick RSS reader

Slick RSS extension lets you read RSS feeds right inside Google Chrome. By default, it works just as an RSS reader and to subscribe to new feeds you have to make use of their other extension called Slick RSS : Feed Finder. When you subscribe using the feed finder extension, then that feed will be added to Slick RSS where you can read those feeds.

Subscribing through Slick RSS Feed Finder

Subscribing through Slick RSS Feed Finder

Apart from being an RSS reader, Slick RSS provides several other useful features, such as:

  • Toolbar/Tab Notifier: Slick RSS notifies the number of unread items through a button, using which you can know how many new articles are published.
  • Read later: Lets you can mark individual RSS posts to read them at a later time. If you are a heavy RSS reader, then you can make use of this option to separate interesting articles from others.
Starring an entry to read it later

Starring an entry to read it later

Slick RSS also supports importing and exporting feeds from an OPML file. So, if you love Google Chrome and if you are following feeds using other applications, then its time to bring your feeds to your favorite place with Slick RSS.

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