Tweak your Download Manager with Flashgot

Are you frustrated with your download manager? Is your download manager facing problems in catching files correctly? Won’t your download manager support streaming video downloads? Don’t worry Flashgot is the answer to all these questions.

Flashgot is an extension for Firefox that is actually developed to integrate popular and reliable download managers with Firefox. But it not just integrates your download manager with firefox but also lets your download manager do more things that are not actually available. For example, the most popular free download manager, Download Accelerator Plus cannot download streaming videos from internet. But with help of Flashgot even DAP downloaded streaming videos. This way Flashgot can enhance any download manager.

Download Accelerator Plus downloading videos using FlashgotOn Windows, we have several download managers that can do anything from downloading normal files to downloading streaming video, audio, bittorrent etc. But on Linux there are very few reputable download managers. My Ubuntu comes with WGet, which don’t even support simultaneous multi-connection downloads. So, I switched to Aria2, it also supports bittorrent, metalinks etc. But, on linux everything should be done by you only. In Windows, when you click any “Download button”, download managers will take control of that download. But on Linux no Download manager is integrated into browser, hence when you click “Download button”, browser will download it. Eventually, you’ll be getting slow speeds.

If you want to download through download managers in Linux then you have to use commands, like

$ aria2c

You have give download links separately. If you want to download 20 files, then you have to copy those download links and giving them to download manager 20 times will be a daunting task. So, to make life much easier on Linux, just use Flashgot and downloading will be as simple as in Windows. Because, with Flashgot, when you click a “Download Now” button, Flashgot will send all those download links to the respective download managers, so it won’t need any intervention from your side. Also, if you use more than one download manager, then you can choose the default download manager right inside Flashgot.

Choose between multiple=Flashgot will be a great enhancement to your Download manager and will help you if you are a heavy downloader. For Linux-ers I recommend compulsory use of Flashgot. People who are interested in Flashgot can goto their homepage to download it and see more information there. Lastly, Flashgot works only with Firefox and We Recommend Firefox!

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