Unable to connect to Internet even after allowing the program in Windows 7 Firewall? Here is the Solution

Recently, I was changing lot of security products on my computer to see how much impact they are having on the system performance. In that process, I even decided to remove my long-time favorite Comodo Firewall and replaced it with default Windows 7 Firewall. Usually, I never trust the Firewalls that came with earlier versions like Windows XP because of its lack of ability to provide a two-way protection (i.e. both in-bound and out-bound connections). But, after gathering much information about the Firewall of Windows 7, I came to know that it is nothing less than other 3rd party Firewalls. Windows 7 Firewall also provides Two-way protection, but the only thing is that it is not easy to configure Windows 7 Firewall. Anyway, as I am convinced with it I decided to carry the burden of configuring Windows 7 Firewall.

So, I’ve started to configure the Firewall. By default, if no rule is defined for an application then its outbound connections are allowed by Firewall. But, we want only trusted applications (for which rules are defined) to access internet, we don’t need untrusted programs to freely access internet. So, I changed the rule for outbound connections and made the Firewall to block internet for all those applications for which rules are not defined by me. This way, only those applications for which I’ve defined rules will be able to access internet.

I started defining rules for browsers. I allowed all in-bound and out-bound connections for my browsers. All my browsers (Firefox, Opera & Comodo Dragon) were able to connect to internet except Chrome. I was confused because I’ve defined same rules for all of them. When FF, Opera and Dragon are able to connect to internet, then why is Chrome failing to connect to internet. After looking at the Firewall settings of Chrome closely I found the problem.


While defining a rule in Windows 7 Firewall, first we need to give the path of the location of that program. We can either copy and paste the path or else browse for that program.

As usual, I clicked on browse, and then browsed for Chrome.exe and clicked on Open.

Instead of taking full absolute path i.e. C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe, it took a relative path.

Program Path starting with %USERPROFILE%

So, I changed that relative path ( %USERPROFILE% \AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe) into Full absolute path (C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe) and now Chrome is happily connecting to internet. Same was the case with CCEnhancer, it was also unable to connect to internet even after allowing it in Win 7 Firewall. But, after fixing it in the same way as Chrome, it is also able to connect to internet.

So, if you are facing problem in making an application connect to internet even after allowing it in Windows 7 Firewall, then you must be facing same problem like me. Just change the path of the program in Windows 7 Firewall settings, like I did and your problem will be fixed.

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