Yahoo For Good — Spreading the love

Yahoo, is taking a new way to come closer to everyone. Yahoo has started a new service known as Yahoo for Good. This is looks like a charity service which encourages you to do some good, by donating to needy people and helping others etc.

Yahoo has integrated this new service with every Yahoo account, with some twitter elements in it. When you login to your Yahoo mail, you’ll find a purple heart beside the greet box.

You can update your status and share it with all those in your contact list. If you set that status as public, then your status will be shown to public on the homepage of Yahoo for Good. This way you can share the good things you’ve done with the whole world.

Proudly tell the world about your donation

This guy is sponsoring a child. What abt u?

In the spirit of holidays and Christmas, spread the kindness to the needy. If you aren’t able to donate in form of money, spread the love through your words. Update your status and show off your friends that you care for them. Have a nice day 🙂

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