Windows Security Error “These files can’t be opened” Solved

I’m a regular downloader and I try many new softwares daily. As usual, today I downloaded a program that has a .bat file in it and when I tried to run the batch file by double click, I faced the following error.

These files can't be opened error

I’m seeing this error for the first time. I thought it was due to Windows firewall, so I checked it, but it was turned off. So, I started to search Google for a possible solution and after a while I found a hint. The error is because of Internet Explorer. In, Internet Explorer all websites are categorized into various kinds and if the website from where you downloaded the file is categorized as Restricted, then you’ll face the above security error. Usually it is safe, not to run such files. But, if you know that the file is safe and won’t do any harm, then follow the steps below to run the file.

Solution to Windows Files cannot be opened error

Follow the steps as depicted

  1. Open Internet Options of Internet Explorer. Then browse to Security tab.
  2. Now click on Restricted sites icon and then click on Custom Level.
  3. Then a new window will open where all settings are listed according to their categories. Now, under Miscellaneous category there is an option called “Launching Applications and Unsafe files”. Now, change the setting from “Disable” to “Prompt”.
  4. Now click OK and close Internet Explorer.

That’s it. Now run the file and it’ll execute without any issues. After finishing the work with that file, make sure to restore Internet Options to defaults.

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