How to – Install Irfanview on Ubuntu 9

Update : Get the latest tutorial on how to install Irfanview on Ubuntu 9.10, Karmic Koala. The tutorial is here.

Irfanview is an essential software for people like me. Irfanview provides a lot of features and allows advanced editing of your photos. As a blogger it is the most essential software to me. When I post an article with image then I use this Irfanview. With Irfanview you can watermark your photos, crop a part of photo and use it and much more features make it a superb photo editor. Unfortunately Irfanview is only for Windows, we can’t use it on Mac or Linux distros. But thanks to WINE, it installs Irfanview on Ubuntu. In this tutorial you’ll see how to install Irfanview on Ubuntu.

Requirements :

I assume that you have WINE installed on your Ubuntu. If not follow the steps below to install Wine. Fireup (open) your terminal type the following and hit enter.

sudo apt-get install wine

Wine will be downloaded and installed now. Make sure that you are connected to internet.

Steps to install Irfanview :

1. Download Irfanview from here.
2. You have install a script called Winetricks. This winetricks script lets you download the most widely used dll files of Windows for use on Linux. We need mfc42.dll to install Irfanview successfully. Download Winetricks from here. (Right click on the link and use save-as to download the script)
3. Copy and paste the file onto your home directory. In my case it is /home/samuel.
4. Now type

sh /home/samuel/winetricks

and hit enter

5. This opens a pop-up dialog box like the one below.

Scroll down to select mfc42 and comctl32 and click OK. You may get a dialog box asking you to install Cabextract. To install cabextract us the following command in terminal.

sudo apt-get install cabextract

Cabextract will be installed.

6. Now go back to step 4 and execute the command there. In the dialog box select mfc42 and comctl32 and click OK to install mfc42. After download completes, you’ll be asked to accept the EULA license agreement. Click yes to accept and install it.

7. Now you’ve installed mfc42.dll and comctl32.dll. Now find the irfanview installer that you’ve downloded earlier and double click on it. Wine will take over the installation and install irfanview as you do in Windows.

If you have any trouble following the above tutorial let me know (comment below), so that I try to solve your problem.

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7 Responses

  1. Schlamann says:

    It does not work! I use ubuntu 10.4
    When i run sh /home/username/winetricks
    nothing happens

  2. Jens says:

    I’m getting a different Package Installation Menu that is posted here. But it seems to be more easier now to install IrfanView with one click though 🙂

    Don’t know if this is coming to a newer Ubuntu Version than yours.

    Good job!

    • Samuel says:

      Yes. This article is almost 2 years old and hence things would have changed since then. Also, it’s been an year since I last used linux, so, I didn’t updated this article accordingly. I’ve gone through your article and I appreciate you for writing an updated and detailed post for installing Irfanview on latest version of Ubuntu. And yes, Thanks for dropping by 😀

  3. jorge says:

    Hi, thanks for the tutorial! but is not working for me….
    first of all I didn't found comctl, so I install comctl32… is it the same?
    then I install IrfanView but when I browse a directory it just close…

    runing on jaunty

    any idea? thx.

  1. August 23, 2011

    […] kurzer Suche bin ich auf eine nette kurze Anleitung gestossen, die theoretisch für ältere Ubuntu Versionen (9.04 aufwärts) gilt, die aber auch auf der 11.04 […]

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