WordPress 2.8.3 update recommended

WordPress 2.8.3 is released. The developers say that it is a security release and they strongly recommend to update all the previous versions to this version. Everyone knows that the transition to WordPress 2.8 is not smooth and at the same time it had lot of bugs such as pingback and trackback problems. So, everyone who are using wordpress 2.8.1 or 2.8.2 update your wordpress and secure it today.

Two ways to update your wordpress installation :

1. If you have automatic upgrade option then use it.

2. Else, download wordpress 2.8.3 from here. Backup your posts, comments and everything using the option Tools>Export. Upload wordpress 2.8.3 to your database using FTP. Install wordpress and import your settings using Tools>Import option.

Check out the release notes of WordPress 2.8.3 here.

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