XML-RPC error in wordpress solved

Actually I got this error when I tried to setup Windows Live Writer (WLW) to publish on my blog.

“An error occured while connecting to your weblog : Server error…, 403 forbidden…”

I googled for the solution but only in vain, because I didn’t understand what they are telling. Those solutions are too complicated because they involve editing .htaccess files of your web-host.. blah.. blah.. blah…

At last I found a solution which is very simple. I found this solution at Scribefire help guide. I am sharing this work around with you as I think this may be helpful to you. To solve XML-RPC problem see below steps :

1. Copy and paste this in browser URL http://<your-site-name>/wp-admin/options-writing.php

2. If wordpress asks you to log in, then log in using your username and password.

3. After logging in, under the Remote publishing category enable XML-RPC option and save changes. For more assistance then see image below.

Windows Live Writer error

That’s it. This is solves the XML-RPC problem.

NOTE : This work around is only for wordpress. So, i’m not sure whether it works with other CMS platforms.

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